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Five Common Mistakes in Your Insurance Marketing Emails

You want to improve your insurance marketing, so you send out an email. That will help, right? An email may be the way to effectively market your insurance products, or it could be a step in the wrong direction. You need to plan, write and send out your marketing emails in the right way to avoid turning a productive marketing tool into a marketing failure. Avoid these five common mistakes in your insurance marketing emails.

1. You Overdo It

If you're trying too hard, it shows. Overdone headlines and wild promises may get people to click on your emails, but they don't give your insurance clients longstanding confidence in your brand. If you're trying to build a reputation and develop trust between you and your clients, consider insurance marketing to be a long term game. Write headlines and emails that attract attention, but don't use cheesy ploys to get your clients to open emails or click through.

2. You're Not Human

People like to connect with other people. If you use a No Reply email address for your insurance marketing emails, this dissuades people from connecting with you about their insurance needs. Make sure that you let people know that they can contact you and let them know how. After all, you're trying to build a relationship.

3. You Don't Add the Right Links

Do you link to your website in your emails? Some marketers go all out and add dozens of links to their emails. This can sometimes be effective, but it can also be overwhelming to customers. On the flip side, other marketers take a minimalist approach and forget to place a link into their email – or they simply link to the home page. Make sure that your links are relevant and targeted. They should lead your prospective customers to a specific landing page that focuses on the topic of your email.

4. Your Emails Are Stuck in One Format

Some marketers get so enthusiastic about images that they create an email that's entirely images, forgetting that not everyone has images enabled. Others get thrilled with the graphic design work that they've done on their desktop, and they forget that emails also need to be mobile-friendly. When you create an email, make sure that people can read it by ensuring that you test it on different devices and use an email program that automatically converts your email into a mobile or tablet-friendly format.

5. You Don't Understand Your Client

Emails that don't hit the target simply serve to annoy your leads, not engage them. For example, you may have a wonderful discount on auto insurance for university students. Any student would be delighted to receive this discount from you. However, if you fail to segment your audience or you don't understand their needs, you'll just make them irritated when they see yet another irrelevant email from you in the inbox. Make sure that every email you send speaks to those who receive it and builds your relationship with that person, even if they don't choose to purchase your products at this time.

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