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Five Steps to Culture Change at Your Agency

When implementing a change at your agency, you need to first consider whether your employees are prepared for it. A culture change can be a challenge, but it is worth investing your time and resources once you have decided to shift the dynamics at your agency. Learn how to drive culture change at your agency with these five steps.


Five Steps to Organizational Culture Change

Organizational change can be challenging for many reasons. Sometimes people are reluctant to change the way they have always done things, especially when the old ways have been successful. Other people fear change since they worry about the unknown. Others may not want to learn new ways of working since it takes less effort to avoid learning.

But to drive progress forward continuously, you need to develop a culture where change is the norm. Here are five ways to drive culture change at your agency:


Know your current status before beginning to make changes.

Before you begin, measure where your agency stands currently regarding change. You can survey employees to learn more about their attitudes and feelings toward change management. Knowing your current baseline will help you to know if you are making progress toward your goals or if you should redirect your efforts.


Describe the change, expected outcomes, and benefits clearly.

You can’t expect people to endorse a change if they do not understand it — or the benefits it will bring. Make sure to spell out the change, the timeline, and the steps each person will need to take. Focus on what each person will gain from the change so they can see how the future will be better after making the change.


Lead by example.

Leaders at the agency should be the first to embrace and follow a new change. Leading by example is a powerful way to ensure that a change is successful. Leaders can show their support and approval for the new change by actively supporting it in front of others.


Reinforce the new process after the change.

Plan to practice, reinforce, and celebrate the success of every new change. This helps to reinforce the new way of working with employees while also rewarding the team for embracing change through recognition and celebrations.


Research change management models to better understand the science of change.

Many different scholars have published their change management theories and methods. Try researching the various change models that exist and following some that make sense for your agency and the changes you want to implement.


After implementing these steps, be sure to follow up with your employees often. Check in during team meetings and 1:1 reviews to see how people feel about the new ways of working — and offer support along the way. Change is often difficult and unsettling, but following these steps can help you ensure success.


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