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Strategies to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Talent is the single most important ingredient to the success of an insurance agency. Finding ways to recruit, train, and retain top talent is critical to increasing growth by implementing skilled employees at every level. Here are some of the things you can do to help you and your business attract, onboard, train, and retain top talent. Whether you are a broker, an insurance agent, or work in the office providing administrative support to insurance agents and brokers, these strategies will work for you.


1. Recruit Top Talent by Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions

First, compelling job descriptions must be written that accurately reflect the scope of work, along with its requirements, expectations and unique opportunities. Communicate your agency’s competitive compensation packages, as well as its opportunities for career growth and positive organisational culture. Use targeted language when capturing the attention of suitable high-quality candidates who meet the needs and aspirations of your agency.


2. Recruit Top Talent by Leveraging Multiple Recruitment Channels

Cast your net as widely as possible to find candidates, using not just one or two job boards but job boards, social media, professional networking websites, and industry networking events. Working with specialised recruiters or headhunters can similarly help you reach passive candidates, who you might not otherwise find.


3. Recruit Top Talent by Implementing Rigorous Screening and Interviewing Processes 

Once an applicant is interested, hold the candidate accountable to rigorous vetting, ensuring that you select someone who will imbue your organisation with the appropriate skills, qualifications and cultural fit. Structure the interview process around both technical skills and functional expertise, as well as interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems and values alignment. Add behavioural assessments or case studies to ascertain the candidate’s capacity and future potential.


4. Retain Employees by Creating an Engaging Onboarding Experience

This onboarding culture experience that the new hire will receive right from the get-go will not only determine their expectations of your agency, but can also impact their long-term commitment to and stay with your agency. Have a dynamic and exciting onboarding experience that alleviates the anxieties of the new hire and ensures a clearer understanding of your agency expectations and culture, policies, and procedures. Make sure the new hire has a buddy or mentor assigned to them that understands how they can best help the new hire acclimate to their role. This buddy will help guide the new hire through their critical first 120 days and beyond.


5. Retain Employees by Investing in Ongoing Training and Development

Keep investing in training and development initiatives so that your team is always prepared with the necessary competencies and knowledge needed to perform their roles and keep up with industry best practices. Provide opportunities for professional development that aligns well with employees’ areas of interest, including workshops, seminars, certifications and online courses to create a learning-centred environment along the journey of work.


6. Retain Employees by Prioritizing Employee Engagement and Recognition

Employee engagement is an important factor in keeping the best talent and creating an inviting workplace. Regularly solicit stakeholder feedback from employees regarding their jobs and how those roles can become more effective. Ensure employees feel ownership in decisions that affect them by giving them an opportunity to participate in decision-making. Employ consistency by rewarding employees for significant contributions and achievement whenever possible – either through monetary incentive, performance bonus or public appreciation.


7. Retain Employees by Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

The art of a recruiting and retention of talent is a daily, hard, strategic and purposeful activity. It requires intentional thought and planning coupled with the willingness to create an environment that shapes a culture of excellence. An agency’s recruiting and retention strategies go upon beyond the talent recruitment approach. It is through the established recruiting and development strategies that shape the onboarding, training and retention processes that we are able to develop high performance teams ensuring the agency’s business success and client satisfaction.


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