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How an Insurance Agent Association Provides Your Agency With Stability

Having a stable and thriving insurance agency is a goal for most agencies, yet it can be difficult to achieve. It’s hard to put all of the elements into place and ensure that you have every base covered—from marketing to employee education to insurance. What if someone was there to help? An insurance agent association can help your business maintain consistent service and grow in new ways.


An Insurance Agent Association Provides Training Opportunities 

One of the greatest benefits of an insurance agent association is the many possibilities that it opens up for training your employees. It can be financially difficult to host many different training events, and working in collaboration with an agency allows you to look at their educational offerings such as conferences and seminars. An insurance agent association will also likely have connections with other agencies that offer training and may be able to offer you discounts on training provided by those agencies.

Exceptional training for your staff allows your business to remain stable and your staff to feel like they are well-supported in their professional development.

Provide employee training through an insurance agent association. 
Provide employee training through an insurance agent association.

An Insurance Agent Association Helps Your Agency Expand 

Do you need networking help? An insurance agent association can help your agency expand its network through formal and informal learning and networking events. For instance, your agents can attend annual conferences and meet others in the field. If you’re looking for new employees, an insurance agent association can also help you develop new connections in the field by helping you with your hiring processes.


Get Logistical Support Focused on Your Business Needs 

If you need some assistance with logistical support for your insurance agency, your business can work with an insurance agent association on this as well. For example, many businesses decide to seek out E&O insurance to ensure that their agencies are covered in case of an errors and omissions lawsuit. According to The Balance , this insurance “protects your business against claims arising from your negligent acts or your failure to provide the level of advice or service the plaintiff expected.” E&O insurance can be expensive. Working with an insurance agent association allows your agency to access discounted rates.

Working with an insurance agent association, you can also access the following types of support for your agency:

  • Access to, discounts on, and education regarding agency management systems
  • Support with programs such as harassment training, which is becoming mandatory in certain jurisdictions
  • Legal hotlines to answer your questions about the intersection of the law and your insurance business
  • Disability insurance for your employees
  • Assistance with cybersecurity questions

Having this kind of support allows your insurance agency to grow in a more sustainable way.


Find Help for Your Insurance Marketing 

It can be difficult to find the time to expand your insurance business, particularly if you’re moving into new areas of the insurance field. That’s where an insurance agent association can help.

Some associations, such as the American Agents Alliance, offer programs such as the Preferred Market Access program. These programs can help you build your book of business, cultivate new leads, and ensure that you’re able to reach out to new markets. Insurance agent associations can also offer tangible assistance with SEO.

At the American Agents Alliance, we can help your business thrive and grow. Contact us today to learn more about the many services that we can offer your insurance agency.

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