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How Consumer Education Is Changing the Face of Insurance Marketing

The internet changed the game for many different businesses, including your insurance agency. Consumers today are more educated about products, and they know that there are many options out there. They can look online for alternatives. Whether you’re running the corner insurance agency or an agency that does most of its business online, you need to understand how to work with this educated consumer audience in your insurance marketing.


Be Authentic 

When you’re talking about your service or your products, make sure that you aren’t overstating who you are or what you can provide. Not only does hard advertising turn off your millennial audience, it also disturbs those educated consumers who are seeking authenticity, not advertising. According to Forbes, “86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they support.” Being honest and trustworthy is a strong selling point in a cynical world.


Be Clear About Your Value 

This is where landing pages come in handy. If you have very specific audiences who seek out your insurance products, consider creating landing pages specifically for them. This will give them the details that they need about your products and show that your business is focused on their specific needs.


Become an Educator 

While you might have an educated consumer audience, you are an expert in your field. Know this and be willing to share. While this Science Daily study examined health care information, you have likely encountered its findings in your work as well: “consumers are increasingly turning to forums, video-sharing sites, and peer support groups to gather anecdotal information and advice, which may distract them from more reliable and trustworthy sources.”

Be a place where people can go to get their insurance information, and they’ll be more likely to trust you and come to you when they need insurance. By examining the typical questions and searches that people do, you’ll be able to see what level of understanding they have about insurance and target informational blog posts, webinars, video, and infographic content for their specific needs.


Know What People Are Talking About 

While this takes some research, you can visit online forums as well as social media platforms and see what people are talking about. If they’re concerned about natural disasters and they want to know more about insurance products that could protect them, seek to educate them on these platforms and beyond. Even educated consumers have questions, and you can be there for them and become a trusted resource.


Be Aware Of Your Online Audience 

Your insurance marketing is not entirely yours anymore. Educated consumers not only look at your products. They also look at your online reviews. Encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews for you: otherwise, your views could skew to the negative as people are more apt to complain online than they are to compliment a business for outstanding service.

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