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How Sharp Are Your Pencils? Why Details Matter in the Insurance Industry

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If you’re looking for a job for the detail-oriented, you’ve found it in the insurance industry. Not only do insurance agencies need to care for people through their customer service processes, they also need to be detail-oriented to a fault, making sure that everyone they work with is well-protected. Why do details matter so much in the insurance industry?


Connecting With Your Customers 

The insurance industry runs on customer follow-ups and on ongoing relationships. To have a successful insurance business, you need to make sure that you follow up on queries and connect with customers who need to renew their insurance policies. Follow-through is essential when you’re building and maintaining your insurance business, and without attention to detail, you and your customers could forget to renew your relationship.


Building Relationships

Trust is key in the insurance business. People want to trust their doctors, but they need to trust their insurance agents just as much. After all, you’re providing them with protection in case they have a serious problem with their home, their health, or their vehicle. By focusing on the smaller details, you show your clients that you’re able to keep those details organized, and you reassure them that you’re looking out for their details as well.


Asking the Right Questions

According to, “Detail-oriented people often make great investigators, because they notice the details that don’t quite fit into the big picture.”

As you hire people for your insurance agency, look for people who are most likely to notice details and ask your clients the right questions. Asking the right questions can make the difference between someone who has the right auto insurance policy for their family and someone who’s dissatisfied when the senior in their family gets into an accident because their vehicle did not have adequate coverage.


Avoiding Liability

Make sure that you cover every detail and that your clients are completely satisfied. You don’t want your clients to let others know that you’re not successful at managing the details, as this could impact the success of your business. Instead, you want to excel at satisfying those customers.

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. What happens if you fail to renew someone’s house insurance and they have an emergency that requires insurance? Not only do you break the customer’s trust, they also experience a financial impact, and they may need to go to court to get it covered.

When they do, you need to make sure that you’re covered by insurance yourself. That will help you avoid the liability of errors and omissions your employees may have made so that you can recover, regroup, and make your business better. E&O insurance can help you keep your business when the details fail.


Keeping Your Pencils Sharp 

In addition to hiring detail-oriented people for insurance jobs, what can your insurance agency do to keep those pencils sharp?

Be proactive. According to Forbes, “Rather than letting others dictate the course of your day, have a plan in place for proactively tackling projects and tasks,” and you’ll increase your ability to focus productively.

Create systems to manage those details. Whether you set up a computer system that won’t allow you to proceed without adding certain essential pieces of information or you have a checklist for a client, adding systems prevents you from having to remember every detail yourself.

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