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How to Increase Phone Calls to Your Insurance Agency

How can your insurance agency increase its phone traffic? Are there insurance marketing tricks that will result in more phone calls? Especially at a time when more people are relying on the phone and internet to secure services like insurance, increasing your phone traffic is key to your business success.

Here’s how you can improve that traffic now and in the future.


Phone Traffic Often Comes From the Web

Today, people use multiple platforms to connect to your insurance agency. In the past, clients may have looked you up in a book to call your agency. Today, this process often begins with a web search. Whether they’re searching for auto insurance or looking for a local insurance agency, your clients start by searching, learn about your agency, and then call you.

According to Google Adwords, “70% of mobile searchers (report) they click to call directly from the search results to connect with a business.”


Make It Easy to Find Your Business Online

Having a high profile business doesn’t mean that you do lots of flashy insurance advertising. It could mean that you keep your Google My Business page and website up to date so that they are easy to find.

Adding blog content regularly, ensuring that you have regularly-searched keywords on your site, and linking to other websites as resources can help your insurance agency rise up in the search rankings and increase calls to your business.


Make It Easy to Find Your Number

After people find your agency and learn about it, they may want to give you a call. Is your number up to date? Is it easy to find on your website or readily available on business pages like Google My Business?

If people need to dig through pages on your website or send a note to you asking for your phone number, you don’t capture that spur-of-the-moment interest in your business. You want your number to be easy to find so that when prospects are looking for a solution, they find your business and call you to find the answer.

Work with other businesses who can refer clients your way.
Work with other businesses that can refer clients your way.



Work With a Partner to Send Your Business Insurance Calls

Working with others will help send insurance calls your way. Who are these potential partners?

  • Referrals can be one of your best assets. Baroncini-Moe states that “one of the best ways to grow a business is to get referrals, which is when one of your clients tells someone s/he knows about you and that person hires you based on that recommendation.” Set the stage for referrals by offering exceptional service, discounts to those who refer others, and frequent but pleasant reminders to refer others to your business.
  • Other businesses in your community may wish to partner with you so that you can both benefit. For instance, companies that are in charge of home rentals or sales could host your cards and recommend your agency as a local insurance agency.
  • Working with networks such as the American Agents Alliance can set you up with live calls and warm transfer leads helps build your insurance business. This is particularly helpful for new agencies or those who are transitioning into a new area of work.


Are you looking for assistance in insurance marketing? Learn how to better manage your insurance marketing at the American Agents Alliance, and sign up for our warm transfer leads program to secure more phone traffic today.

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