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Improve Your Blogging Efforts for the Spring Season

As an insurance agency, it is not always easy for us to come up with interesting blog posts and topics. Creative writing is not our forte!

However, blogging consistently has not only allowed us to improve our writing skills but also build on our creativity. Over time, we began to realize that there is so much more to blog about than just strictly policies and coverage options. If you are struggling to find your creative voice when you blog, have no fear.

With the arrival of spring, we believe now is a good time for a fresh start! We have a few tips to offer that will keep your blog interesting and fun for the start of the new season.


You are guaranteed to see a difference in your blogging success with these five tips:

  1. Start fresh. When is the last time your blog had a makeover? Update the color scheme, design, and layout for a new look. Choose bright and spring-inspired colors (just make sure it is still easily readable!)
  2. Take advantage of seasonal topics. The spring season brings on a whole new set of topics to blog about. For one, you can start blogging about yard and spring cleaning tips for any Tallahassee home insurance blog posts. For auto insurance, you could also give tips and advice for those who are going on road trips or vacations. Think outside of the box!
  3. Have a guest post on your blog. Looking to change things up? Why not have another person in the office write a blog post? Or maybe even a good friend? It is nice to get another person’s writing style and point of view on your blog.
  4. Blog outdoors. Who says you need to sit inside and blog? If the weather is nice, take your laptop outside and start writing. Chances are, you will be able to relax and focus much more when you are enjoying the sun’s rays on your back. Who knows; you may even be inspired by nature!
  5. Express the importance of safety. Safety tips and advice always make for a great post. This season, boating, motorcycling, and even off-roading posts will be a hit. Safety posts are a great way to tie your coverage into a post.

With these five tips, your agency will be blogging better in no time. The new season is going to bring better weather and blog topics for sure; take full advantage of it!


About the Author: C.A. “Chuck” Marks III is the third generation President of Marks Insurance Agency, operating offices in Apalachicola and Tallahassee, Florida. Marks Insurance Agency takes pride in its knowledge of insurance regarding coastal properties and strives to offer the best insurance products and services for nearly all lines of insurance.

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