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Insurance Teachers: Your Role in Insurance Education

As an insurance agent, you help people choose the products that are right for them, but do you consider yourself to be a teacher? Most people don't get a lot of education about insurance. As an agent, your advice may be one of the few pieces of advice that your clients get, and they need to rely on you to be accurate and informative. Here's how to be a better insurance educator.

Start With the Basics

When they're buying a specific type of insurance for the first time, many people do not know what they need. As their insurance agent, you need to be approachable and friendly, asking questions and encouraging them to ask questions as you determine their insurance needs. Give clients the opportunity to connect with you through live chat, email, phone, and in person. Talk about your products in simple, straightforward language, and know what questions usually come up so that you can make sure that they receive an answer. This will help ensure that your clients get the coverage that they need.

Educate Others About Insurance Changes

As an insurance professional, you're aware of the intricate changes in the products that you sell. It's your responsibility as an insurance educator to let others know about these changes so that they can choose the products that are right for them. For example, in the last few years, health insurance coverage has changed dramatically. Your clients need to know what coverage best suits their needs. The information that you give them can help them choose an insurance plan.

Use Your Website as an Educational Tool

Not all insurance education has to occur in person, or you'd be very busy educating clients all day. Use your website to act as an educational vehicle as well. Instead of simply providing information about your location and your business, provide detailed information about the insurance products that you offer. Add blogs, webinars, and ebooks on navigating the insurance industry so that prospective clients will be able to educate themselves on the products that they need to purchase. You can also use these products as part of your insurance agency marketing, encouraging people to sign up on your email list to learn more.

Insurance Education Can Build Your Business

Education is an excellent insurance agency marketing tool. When you're able to connect with your clients and build their knowledge of insurance products, they will turn to you when they need help in the future. For instance, when you talk with a young renter who needs tenants' insurance about his options and the extras that he might need to consider, that person will likely return to you when he purchases a home and needs home insurance. As you become known as a responsible and helpful insurance agent in your community, word will spread and you'll find more clients through word of mouth as well.

As you grow your insurance business, you need to have a group of accomplished insurance educators at your back. Contact the American Agents Alliance today and learn more about the many membership benefits, including educational discounts to improve your professional knowledge for your business. 

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