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Learn to Love Blogging

Not everyone enjoys writing, especially those who went to school for business. For agencies much like ours, writing is not the number one strength and blogging can be a chore. However, it is important to know that having an on-site blog is not only interesting for our clients but can help keep our content and site on the web fresh and up-to-date.


So, how can you make blogging more enjoyable for your agency?

  1. Be an optimistic blogger. You can either go on and on about what a specific policy covers or you can get creative! Find an interesting way to talk about your policies. For home insurance, you might want to give tips on how to decorate for the season. For somber policies such as Texas life insurance, offer tips on how to enjoy life more, eliminate stress or improve your health. All of these topics seem much more interesting than just a breakdown of an insurance policy, right?
  2. Get inspired. It is important to get inspired before writing a blog, whether you take a walk outside, listen to your favorite CD or watch a movie. Do something that will jump-start your mind. Have you watched a YouTube video recently that sparked your interest or a reaction? Find a way to tie it into a policy!
  3. Blog outdoors. Why sit inside at the computer? Grab a pen and pad or your laptop and enjoy the sun. A change of scenery and some fresh air could be all you need to get those gears going.
  4. Turn to social sites for inspiration. Have you ever gotten really caught up in your Facebook or Twitter feed? How about Stumble Upon? Who hasn’t! Actually, these sites may not be so much of a distraction as long as you are looking for motivation and inspiration. See what types of articles people are posting and find one that you can relate to.
  5. Make a list. Paragraphs can seem intimidating! Instead of writing a blog in paragraph form, use bullets points or numbered lists to get your points across. This will not only be easier on you as the writer but for those who are reading your content. Lists will make your posts much more shareable and easy to scan.
  6. Find your voice. How can you expect to blog about something you are not familiar with? It is important that you stick to what you know and research your topics if need be. Readers will be able to tell if you have an “uncomfortable” voice.
  7. Make your readers laugh. Who says blogging needs to be so serious? The more humor you put into your posts, the more shareable and likable they will be. You will enjoy writing the post much more, as well.

As you can see, blogging does not always have to be so mundane and intimidating. Once you get the hang of it, it can actually be fun and relaxing. As long as you stay inspired and optimistic, your blogging efforts will help your company gain leads, clients and more.


About the Author: Howard Crissey, Owner of Benefit Resource Group, has been running the agency since it opened in 1973. Benefit Resource Group provides Texas residents with coverage for their business and personal insurance needs.

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