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Motivate Your Employees Throughout the Summertime

It happens to even the best employees: the summer slump. With beautiful weather, summer festivals, vacations, and events, it may be hard for employees to stay focused while at work. As an insurance agency, we understand that it may be hard to deal with this decline in productivity. This is exactly why we have come up with a few ways to motivate employees throughout the summertime!

Business owners should consider the following motivational tactics:

  1. Implement “Half-Day Fridays” during the summer. Summertime flex hours are a common perk that companies will offer. Some companies may even ask employees to work 10-hour days in order to have Fridays off entirely. Whatever you choose to do, it is important that all employees get their work done on time in order to enjoy a longer summer weekend.
  2. Take work outdoors. Team meeting this afternoon? Instead of gathering everyone in the stuffy large conference room, meet outdoors! A change of scenery will be nice for everyone and fresh air is always a pick-me-up.
  3. Motivate employees with food and fun. When is the last time you bought lunch for the office? Have you considered holding a company picnic? Both will satisfy employees and allow everyone to relax, even if it is for a few hours! You should always take advantage of this time and give a quick motivational speech, too. Point out company highlights, news and give recognition when necessary.
  4. Improve company benefits and perks by looking into your California commercial insurance policy. When is the last time you improved group benefits? Are you offering a fair amount of vacation days to your employees? Now is a good time to consider these things and improve where necessary.
  5. Reconsider the dress code. The summer heat, dress shirts, and ties do not work well together. It may be best to start Casual Fridays or change up the dress code altogether. The more comfortable an employee is, the better their overall work ethic will be. The heat can be a distraction! Give these ideas a shot and you are sure to see a difference in your employees. Business owners must give in order to receive, especially during the summertime. We hope that you take advantage of the great weather and enjoy the summer, too!

About the Author: Daniel W. Post, CIC, is the President of Post Insurance Services and is responsible for all facets of the business from sales, service, marketing, administration and the company’s strategic direction. Although he leads the agency, Post continues to act as a field agent, growing his book of business – specifically in the construction, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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