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Celebrate National Employee Wellness Month With Our Wellness Month Ideas

June is National Employee Wellness Month in the United States. It’s a great time to celebrate employees and help them ensure they are staying healthy and happy. Try putting some of our top professional wellness month ideas into action this June.


Celebrate With Our Top Wellness Month Ideas

Try some of our favorite wellness month ideas at your agency this June to celebrate your employees and take time to refresh:


Try a wellness class

Hire a professional to teach your employees about wellness. Pick a topic that may resonate, like stress management or overall happiness and find a provider who can come to your office and meet with your employees. Using an outside professional means you can participate along with your staff, so everyone learns together. After the class, talk about ways to apply what you learned in team meetings.


Reconsider your menu

Even if you don’t have a cafeteria at your office, you can still reconsider the menu options you provide. If you have a snack area, stock it with some healthy options along with the usual chips and cookies. Make sure your water coolers are accessible and restocked. Consider removing the soda machine. And when you order in for team lunches or activities, think about what options you can provide for your employees.


Add wellness incentives to your benefits program

gym membership

Take a look at your employee benefits program or talk with your broker. Is there a way to structure your benefits to incentivize healthy behaviors? Can you provide a subsidy for gym memberships or other wellness activities? Ramp up your employee benefits program to promote wellness year-round.


Give (and take) paid time off

Take a break and give your employees one, too. Try offering a paid day off to your staff this June to help them celebrate Professional Wellness Month. Sometimes getting away and having time to do what you love is just what people need to be the best versions of themselves. And the same goes for you — take some time to refresh and re-energize this month.

It’s also a good reminder to promote paid time off to your staff. Remind them of your generous PTO policy and explain the importance of time away from the office to be healthier and happier.


Try walking meetings

Encourage employees to join you for a walking meeting. If you live in a hot climate, consider going early in the day before the hottest part of the afternoon. Provide water, sunscreen, shady hats, and team T-shirts — you can make a walking meeting a fun activity for everyone. Be sure to ask if your employees are comfortable with the idea and allow people to opt-out with grace.


Talk to your employees about work-life integration

Work-life balance used to be the goal of many employees and bosses. But now, work-life integration is a concept gaining speed. The idea of work-life integration is finding ways to make work fit into your life instead of striving for an idea of balance that may not be possible.

When you integrate work and life, though, it could look like leaving early to go to an appointment and then logging in later to return emails. Or responding to a customer during a break in your child’s game and then going back to cheering them on. It depends on the individual how they integrate their work into their life, giving the flexibility that was lacking in the old definition of work-life balance.


The Bottom Line

Celebrating National Employee Wellness Month can benefit your agency in several ways — and it is good for your employees. Happy, healthy employees tend to be more engaged and more productive at work. And people who find meaning in their work are more likely to stay, helping you retain great employees.

Try some or all of our wellness month ideas and share your favorite tips in the comments. At the American Agents Alliance, we’ve been empowering independent agents and brokers to thrive since 1962. Become a member today and benefit from our resources, discounts, and network.

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