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Prioritizing Warm Leads

What is the best kind of insurance marketing? While this depends a lot on your audience, the most valuable marketing often occurs when people are already feeling connected to your business. When you prioritize warm leads in your insurance marketing, you have better marketing success.

As you examine your warm leads, how can you choose which ones to focus on right now?

Not All Warm Leads Are Created Equal 

According to IVY Impact , a warm lead is “a lead who has expressed some form of interest in your business, usually through an online opt-in or a response to a cold email.” Warm leads can turn into hot leads when that individual matches your ideal profile and is specifically interested in purchasing your product.

However, just as not all those who visit your website are interested in your insurance products, not all warm leads are the same. Where your leads come from and who they are will shape the ways in which they interact with your insurance agency. Even within a category of warm leads, you may have leads that are more or less promising.

Warm Leads From Email Prospecting 

One way to generate warm leads is to work with a firm to generate those leads for you. As an agency, you outline your ideal client, and then the firm will give you a flow of warm leads that might be hard to collect by yourself, given that you have limited time and employees. As you work with these warm leads, the more engagement they have with your agency, the more likely it is that they will connect with you as a client.

Provide a lot of potential touchpoints for these clients to help them learn and connect more strongly with your insurance agency.

The more positive personal interactions an individual has had with your agency, the stronger the connection.  

The more positive personal interactions an individual has had with your agency, the stronger the connection.  

Warm Leads From Opt-Ins 

Opt-ins are an easy way to get many warm leads over time. By developing a website opt-in or options on social media as part of your overall insurance marketing strategy, you can create a list of promising potential clients. However, you also need to nurture these leads over time. The more engagement they show with your business, the more likely they are to become long term clients.

Leads From Networking Groups 

Networking groups are a way to share opt-in opportunities in context, resulting in stronger warm leads.

According to Graber,  “all LinkedIn groups have idea exchange discussion forums and they are a goldmine of leads.” On LinkedIn and other business platforms, people talk about their needs and discuss ideas about how to fill those needs. If you have insurance products that will fit the bill, this is a place where you can promote your services. Warm leads from networking groups tend to work best when:

  • You encourage past and current clients to speak on your behalf, rather than speaking yourself.
  • You’ve already developed thought leadership in that group. You’re a trusted source of information.

Leads That Engage With Your Content 

Whether you’re on social media or creating ongoing blog posts, some people will engage with your content online. The fact that they are interested enough not only to read but also to comment on your content lets you know that these leads are getting hotter. As you rank your warm leads, consider how much active engagement those leads have had with your specific online content. More engagement equals more active interest.

Prioritizing Warm Leads 

How can you prioritize warm leads? Think about:

  • How much interaction this individual has had with your agency. The more interaction, the more familiarity.
  • The context of the interactions. Has the individual interacted with your blog posts or LinkedIn posts? Does that person see you as a trusted thought leader?
  • Has the individual connected with you on a more personal level, through social media interactions or a networking group?

The more interactions and the more personal and positive the interactions, the better the lead.

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