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4 Top Ways to Leverage Social Media for Marketing Success

According to a recent Aon Programs survey, one in every three insurance agents thinks social media will give them their greatest marketing lift in 2021, with many counting on Facebook and LinkedIn to deliver the best results. Here are four of the best ways we’ve found for agents to build their brand and to connect with prospects and customers using social media channels.


#1: Focus on Quality vs. Quantity.

While agents should be active on social media, it’s important to think if the content you plan to share with your audience is relevant. Please don’t post just for the sake of posting. You should also concentrate your posts on your top-performing platforms. If your prospects and customers aren’t active on YouTube, why would you put any effort into a YouTube channel? Taking a targeted approach to social media will help drive the best results.


#2: Deliver Short but Impactful Content.

We’re bombarded daily with thousands of images and messages, especially with the explosion of digital platforms. Be sure to keep your posts short and impactful, aka “snackable.” Avoid long social media posts; no more than three to four sentences. You’ll help to combat digital fatigue and increase the likelihood of your posts being read and liked. Remember that snackable applies to all formats — from video to images and text. You can always include a link to a longer piece for those who are interested in learning more on a given topic.


#3: Make Video a Priority.

Videos are today’s format of choice, whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. According to a survey recently conducted by HubSpot, a whopping 72% of customers said they’d rather learn about a product or service by way of video. Why? When we see a face and hear a voice delivering a message it feels more personal and appealing. Video is easy to create and affordable, too. Put together some talking points, add a professional backdrop, and hit record on your smartphone or tablet. And remember to keep it snackable: Social media videos should be from :30 to :90 in length – that’s all!


#4: Be Transparent.

Now is the time for agents to be transparent, genuine and authentic. Being trusted is one of the most important qualities in yourself and your brand. Agents who commit to transparency in their social media strategy will build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their network – and can build and diversify their business. According to Cohn & Wolfe’s most recent Authentic 100, “91% of consumers are willing to reward a brand for its authenticity with a purchase, investment, endorsement, or something similar.” How do you build authenticity on social media? Personalize your content … show your team’s personality … use authentic photos … pair self-promotion with expressions of gratitude to others.

By merging these four basics with trending topics and tactics, you’ll be on a path to building relationships that garner genuine business results.


How Aon Programs Can Help You Grow & Diversify

Beyond providing guidance on social media, Aon Programs assists agents by bringing tailored, highly-valued specialty risk solutions to you for clients in ten distinct industries.

What makes Aon Programs different? We encourage agents to advance your knowledge on any or all of these industries and their corresponding risks, enabling you to offer your clients relevant coverages. Beyond industry insights, brokers and agents who work with Aon Programs appreciate our broker-focused strategies, exceptional client service, and specialized claims insights. In short, our goal is to enable you to grow and diversify your business.

A recognized leader in specialty placements, Aon Programs gives agents immediate access to 300+ specialty programs – with no volume commitments or prior appointments needed. Our proprietary programs give you a competitive edge in these industries/areas:

  • Sports, Leisure & Entertainment – K&K Insurance
  • Community Associations – Ian H. Graham (IHG)
  • Healthcare Practices & Providers – Affinity Healthcare
  • Nonprofit Organizations – Affinity Nonprofits
  • Private Flood Insurance – Aon Edge
  • Commercial Catastrophe and Real Estate Coverages – Insurmark
  • Fine Arts & Musical Instruments – Huntington T. Block (HTB)
  • Attorneys & Law Firms – Aon Attorneys Advantage
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Lenders & Investors – Bankers Insurance Service
  • Travel Agents & Tour Operators – Aon Travel Professionals Liability Insurance


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