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Social Media Strategies That Work

Too many insurance agents tend to view social media as a popularity contest, running campaigns to get a certain number of likes or followers. These same insurance agents complain about the time that it takes and the limited number of new clients that the approach yields. Achieving increased revenue and client acquisition through social media requires a more in-depth strategy than haphazard postings. Here are some proven social media strategies that work for you, not against you.


Content Drives Engagement

People visit your agency’s social networking pages to solve the same issues they would talk with you face-to-face about. They want to learn about insurance coverage, why they need it, how to reduce the cost and about issues they didn’t even know posed risks. Instead of writing posts instructing readers to call and discuss their options, discuss them right there on social media. By upping the quality of your postings, clients and potential clients will start to view you as an expert in the industry. This inspires trust, which will lead to an increase in quotes and sales.


Response is Critical

A major complaint against using social media is that it takes too much time to respond to questions and interact with followers. Often, the questions will follow a general trend, such as requests for which services are offered. Use these as the impetus to include more informative content on your sites. Individual questions should be viewed as a qualified lead. These are people seeking real information from you, just like the ones who pick up the phone or walk through the door. Make it a point to contact each and every follower within 48 hours.


Brand Yourself as Hyper Local

When it comes to insurance, consumers want a company with a local presence. Whether you are part of a nationwide agency or own your own firm, you can use social media to emphasize that you are part of the local community. Include posts on popular community events or articles ranking your city’s quality of life. Choose topics that are of interest to the general public, even if they aren’t insurance-related.


Publish Community Alerts

Another way to gain followers and trust is to post local weather alerts for your area, which are easily obtained by signing up for the national weather service emails or by contacting local disaster preparedness agencies. By publishing time-critical information that people need to prepare, you are establishing that you are there for them before they need their insurance to pay for the damage.



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