The Seemingly Impossible is Now Possible

The phone rings in your agency; it’s an irate customer who wants to know why their homeowner’s policy increased over 60 percent at renewal, even though he’s never made a claim. How long does it take you to identify the change on the policy that caused the increase?

A few hours? 
A half a day?

EZLynx has taken renewal management to a new level, accomplish in seconds what could have taken days with Retention Center. This product utilizes patented automation and advanced analytics to help you quickly identify the customers who need immediate attention.

Retention Center analyzes your customers’ policy information, so you can proactively communicate your recommendations-reinforcing your agency’s value. Since each insured is analyzed at both the account and policy level it provides your agency the tools to treat your customers as people rather than a collection of policies.

Each day, upcoming renewals are ranked in order of the customer’s risk of cancellation. The customer account and individual policies are analyzed for changes, which are displayed for review.

This allows you to focus remarketing efforts only on those who truly need it, saving 100’s of hour’s monthly and improving customer satisfaction.

With this product, the renewal process shifts from reacting to each disgruntled customer to proactively reviewing the account and contacting each customer in advance.

Agencies using this have seen phenomenal results. They see improved agency and carrier retention, increase in revenue, positive customer feedback, and growth in new business through cross sales, thus, improving overall agency value.

You can’t get this technology anywhere else.

Retention Center is another innovative product from EZLynx allowing your agency to accomplish more, faster.



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