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The Smartest Way to Get Loss Runs

Have you ever struggled to get loss runs on a prospect account?  
Loss Run Pro (LRP) is a first in class tool that helps brokers bypass the incumbent broker and for ONLY $29/month.  In today’s market – carriers are needing more and more loss runs and we know that securing them can be a pain when you are writing new business. 

Add LRP to your commercial workflow and let our platform help your team be more efficient, win more opportunities and increase your close ratio.

So how does it work? It’s simple really! Input minimal information into the LRP dashboard and in minutes send loss run request authorizations to clients to be e-signed. Once signed they will automatically be sent to each carrier’s loss run department to be fulfilled. We also have a portal to auto schedule current client’s loss run requests. 

Interested in learning more?!  Check out the video below or visit our booth at the upcoming American Agents Alliance Convention in Palm Desert on September 14th – 16th. You can also Book a Demo Here!!


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