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Top 5 Changes to Make To Your Insurance Marketing in 2019

As you prepare to begin a new year, it's a time to evaluate your business success and plan for the future. How can your insurance business reach new heights in 2019? By examining current marketing trends, you can examine how your insurance marketing plans fit in and consider how you'll push your marketing boundaries in the new year. 

Market Through People 

According to Forbes, "the top four most-trusted sources of advertising are people you know, branded sites, editorial sites, and reviews." Instead of focusing on ads, ads, and more ads for your insurance marketing, focus on getting reviewed by others, getting referrals from clients, and generally strengthening your ability to market with people as the conduit. Word of mouth isn't dead. In fact, it's gotten stronger as people have reduced their trust in impersonal advertising. 

Be Interesting 

You know that boring doesn't sell, but if you do the same old thing as everyone else or the same thing you did last year, your agency's insurance marketing feels stagnant. Make sure that you continue to grow and change as an agency instead of inventing the same wheel over and over again. Think about how you can integrate your messages and send out information in a way that's different from your competitors, whether that's having a radically different brand voice, a new way of reaching out, or a target audience that's outside the norm.

Get Real 

In this age of technology, people are especially attracted to organizations that present a real face. You write with the voice of a friend, and actual people answer your phones. While people have gotten used to having some automation in their lives, if your phones are a mess of "press one" and "now press three," then your clients may get frustrated with you. In a technological age, having a real person behind the customer service desk adds a unique and comforting touch. Make an effort to get to know your clients as individuals. 

Personalize Your Content 

As you create content for your website, consider all of the various groups that make up your audience, and think about how to write for those groups. Your email opt-ins and newsletters should also target specific audience groups. The more specific the content, the more connected your clients feel to your agency, and the more likely they are to read and to convert.

Continue the Conversation 

Once a lead visits a site, you know that person is potentially interested in insurance. You can continue to target that person through remarketing. Coredna suggests remarketing for "showing people who’ve visited your site ads as they surf across the web."  The more times people see your material, the more people are likely to convert when they finally click on your ad. 

Talk With Your Clients 

As younger people move into the insurance market, you'll need to ensure that you're writing for the way that they search for content online. This involves frequent voice searches. Since people talk differently than they write, make sure that your content is friendly to voice searches. Instead of "auto insurance deals," people will ask, "What is the best deal on car insurance?" Place these phrases into your text as well. 

At American Agents Alliance, we want to help your insurance agency succeed in the new year. Talk with us about our many membership benefits, and we'll work together to help your business grow. 

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