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Using Native Advertising to Boost Your Insurance Business

When it comes to advertising, are you a native speaker? Insurance marketing can feel unnatural at first, but your insurance agency needs to become fluent in marketing so that you can help people get to know your business. What is native advertising, and how can you use it to boost your insurance business?


What is Native Advertising? 

The pendulum of marketing has moved in the direction of content marketing in the last few years, and businesses have spent a lot of time developing strong content for their websites and business blogs. If you’ve spent a lot of time developing a pool of content, it’s time to invite people to jump in. People need to get to know your content, and native advertising can be one way to introduce people to the outstanding, deep content that you’ve created.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Native advertising is simply one way marketers can distribute content.” When you use native advertising, your business pays for your content to be featured on a platform outside your website or blog. The content that you advertise likely does not look a lot like an advertisement. It’s not just touting the advantages of your insurance agency. The content targets a specific audience, and it gives a lot of value to that audience.


Native Advertising Camouflages Well

If your ad screams, “I’m an ad, click on me,” some people may click, but others may be irritated. With native advertising, you design your content so that it looks and sounds very similar to the content on the site where the ad is featured. It feels like another piece of content, albeit a valuable one.

Native advertising not only sounds like other content, it looks like it as well. When you use native advertising, you make your content look very similar to the content on the website where your advertising resides.


Why Native Advertising Works for Insurance Agencies 

Your insurance customers are looking for information, and your content gives them the information that they need. For example, if an insurance customer wants to compare rates or look at ways to keep a building safe during a hurricane, you may have content that’s targeted to those audiences. According to Entrepreneur, you can use the organic nature of native advertising to make sure that your insurance business shows up on the websites that your leads frequent: “Native advertising doesn’t disrupt the user experience, so users can’t differentiate between what is paid0 advertising and what is part of the site.”

You use the right keywords to boost your SEO so that people find you online. Native advertising plays a similar role in your content promotion. Any insurance agency that’s producing strong content can take advantage of native advertising to give that content more airtime online.

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