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Warm Leads: Developing the Relationship

Do you give your client relationships the time that they deserve? Don’t underestimate the power of interpersonal connection. Being connected to your leads is one of the best forms of insurance marketing.

How can you make those connections stronger?


Take Your Time Moving to a Sale

Instead of cold calling prospective clients, the focus today is on nurturing warm leads: those who have already expressed an interest in your business. It’s far easier to sell to someone who is curious about your products than it is to sell your insurance to someone you call out of the blue.

According to Lead Boxer, “establishing trust is an integral part of the sales process because the warmer the lead, the higher chance there is of converting it to a sale.”

Use Referrals

To build trust, get introduced.

When people are referred to your insurance agency by satisfied clients, they are much more likely to trust you immediately. This expedites the process of relationship-building. When you can, ask your existing clients for referrals and note when a new visitor to your website has been referred by one of your existing clients.


Know Where People Are in the Process

As you work to build trust with your leads, one important element of your communication is to know where your leads are in the sale process. Are they simply perusing your website and gathering information for the future? Do they need new insurance right now?

The conversations that you have with your leads will be different depending on your leads’ needs. Track the interactions that they have with your website, and reach out to them with content and offers based on those needs.

Use existing client relationships to connect with your leads.
Use existing client relationships to connect with your leads.


Create Content for Your Leads

People like content that speaks to their needs. As you engage further with your leads, develop content that specifically addresses some of their needs. Set up automated lead nurturing so that there are different pathways a lead can take and different information that they receive based on where they go and what they sign up for on your website.


Use a CRM to Intentionally Nurture Leads

If you’re not using a CRM, you’re missing out on opportunities to nurture your leads. Choose a CRM that gives you a lot of capacity to track client and lead interactions with your business, including emails, phone calls, social media engagement, and website connections. This information continuously informs your engagement with your leads, giving you better opportunities to connect based on their needs.

Always Be Human

According to Quote Wizard, during the lead nurturing process, “the key is to have the lead see you as a human being.” Approach your conversations as if you’re talking to a new friend. Be straightforward in your greetings, ask them to confirm their interest, and respect their time. When leads see you as a person, they are more likely to want to connect.

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