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What Are The Best Jobs in Insurance?

What are the best jobs in insurance? That depends on how you define “the best.” For some people, the best insurance job is one that provides the most financial security. For others, it’s one that provides many personal growth opportunities or a chance to move within the field. How can you tell what job is the ideal fit for you?

Working in Sales 

If you love to engage with people in a meaningful way, becoming an insurance agent might be the right career opportunity. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of each specific plan. Your goal is to fit each client with a plan that is right for his or her particular situation. According to, insurance agents make between $41.9K and $62.5K per year. The US Department of Labor states that these positions are growing at 10 percent, faster than average, so there are lots of opportunities to find a position.

Research and Customer Service 

If you’d prefer to have a more research-focused position, consider becoming a claims processor. Claims processors investigate whether claims are legitimate and work with a wide variety of professionals such as brokers, risk analysts, and other policymakers to ensure that clients get fair payouts. While this position involves research, it also involves a lot of customer service. Claims processors generally make a little over $30K per year.

Focused Research

If you prefer to have less client contact and more research, you could become an insurance investigator. Investigators follow up on claims that may not have been portrayed accurately. As an investigator, you will interview people and look at other evidence such as the accident site to see who is liable and how much should be paid as part of the claims process. While you are working with people, your primary goal is to establish what happened. Investigators usually make around $65K per year.

You could also become a risk management analyst. As an analyst, you work on the front end of the insurance process, visiting sites that are seeking insurance and creating reports for companies and customers regarding the level of risk involved and how it’s possible to mitigate that risk. This position involves a deep understanding of codes and legislation, travel to different locations, and meetings with clients. Risk management analysts usually make about $59K per year.

An underwriter does the same job but with a focus on individuals who would like to secure insurance. Underwriters perform background checks on applicants and determine the premium. Underwriter salaries depend a lot on seniority. An underwriter can make between $60 and $90+K per year. The US Department of Labor says that these positions have experienced a 5 percent reduction, a slight decline.

Work Opportunities in the Insurance Field

Overall, insurance is a steady industry with excellent career prospects. There are many professionals in the industry who are expected to retire in the next two to six years. This means that new professionals entering the field will have abundant work opportunities.

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