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What’s Your Retirement Plan?

Agents, what’s your retirement plan?

Planning for retirement is one of the most important financial challenges you will face. If you’re like most people, you increasingly understand the need to supplement your retirement through your own savings efforts. Social Security and company – sponsored pension plans may not provide sufficient income for your retirement goals. As a result, you recognize that you need to save as much money as possible, as soon as possible, in order to secure your financial future.

Qualified plans such as 401(k)s are an excellent way to save for retirement, but they are limited and are only available if provided by an employer. If you are the employer, contribution restrictions and regulatory and compliance issues may make a 401(k) offering undesirable.

Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs also offer additional saving opportunities, but individuals must meet specific income and contribution limits in order to use these qualified accounts. As a result, you may need an alternative solution to help you fill a retirement income gap.

Life insurance often serves as that alternative solution. Properly structured, it can be a valuable tool for you to use to supplement your retirement planning efforts. During your working years, death benefits provide cash when it is needed most. These funds can be used to decrease debts and replace income so that loved ones can maintain their standard of living after you are gone.

At retirement, you can access policy cash values via tax-favored withdrawals and loans. In addition to these benefits, you can also choose to add a long-term care rider that will provide valuable benefits should you have a qualifying long term care expense. Increase your portfolio of services and retain more clients for life. The American Agents Alliance has partnered with CPS Insurance Services to bring you CPS Express, a simple, secure and profitable program that makes it possible for you to offer Life Insurance to your clients in 3 easy steps (with or without a life license)!

  1. You talk to your clients about the benefits and low cost of life insurance
  2. Log on to the website and select Quick Assist or Quotes.  Input basic information about your client.
  3. You or CPS Express provides a quote and then takes the client through a fully automated electronic application.

CPS Express takes it from there.  All of the paramed requirements, the doctor’s office dealings, case management, underwriter communication and record keeping.  When approved, your or CPS Express delivers the policy to your client. You make money! For more information contact: Raymond McMannis CPS Insurance Services 4400 MacArthur Blvd, 8th Floor Newport Beach, CA 92660 T: 1-800-326-5433 Ext. 101 | E: | W:

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