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30 Quick Blogging Tips for Your Insurance Agency

As insurance professionals, it’s difficult to find the time to blog during the week, never mind a few times a week! However, blogging is a great way to draw traffic to your site, get personal with your clients, and of course, brand yourself as an insurance expert.

Whether your agency has been blogging for a few months or has just started to tackle your blog, it is important that you are using the correct strategy to drive traffic to your blog. Our agency has found that the key is to keep posts interesting, informative, and as creative as possible. To help your agency create the best content possible, our agency has put together a list of 30 blogging tips. These tips may be quick but they are sure to bring just as much success to your agency as they do to ours!

  1. Blog at least twice a week, if possible
  2. Own your title!
  3. Keep title length under 60 characters (about 10 words)
  4. When natural, include your keyword in the title
  5. Create “Top 10” lists
  6. Use bullets and numbers versus paragraph form
  7. Italicize and bold when necessary
  8. Write “How To” blogs
  9. Write blog “series” to keep readers coming back for more
  10. Insurance CAN be interesting; find ways to make sure your clients see that!
  11. Compare insurance to pop culture
  12. Link a keyword to your product page every 10 blogs or so
  13. Encourage readers to comment
  14. Blog outdoors for a change of scenery
  15. Always respond back to those who comment
  16. Read other blogs and interact with users
  17. Include a picture or video in your blog (just make sure you have permission!)
  18. Never post duplicate content; it will hurt your SEO strategy.
  19. Don’t sound too serious; have a sense of humor!
  20. Use an easy-to-read font and color scheme
  21. Proofread your blogs once, twice, three times!
  22. Blog about your niches. If your specialty is California employee benefits, create informative posts that will answer questions clients may have about employee benefits or give advice to professionals as to why they should provide benefits to their employees.
  23. Avoid getting too technical; simplicity is the way to go
  24. Link back to credible sources to give your reader more information (FEMA, CDC, etc.)
  25. . Ask other professionals or employees to guest blog
  26. . Sign or initial your posts for a personal touch
  27. Consider making a YouTube video to embed on your blog
  28. Ask questions and ask for opinions
  29. Post a link to your blog post on social sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  30. Bookmark your blog (Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.) for the world to see!

Now that you have 30 tips to consider, it is time to put them into action. Your agency is sure to see a difference in success once you embrace a solid blogging strategy. Take this opportunity to showcase and brand yourself as an insurance guru, just as our agency does. This is your chance to stand out among others, so make the most of it. Ready, set, blog!


About the Author: Vincent Nocito is the Owner of Nocito Benefit Insurances Services in Carmichael, California. He has been in the insurance business since 1995 and prides himself on building his business on strong morals and integrity.

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