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5 Tips for Taking Your Insurance Agency Marketing Up a Notch

When your insurance agency marketing plans have you down in the mouth and down in the numbers, you need help. What's your new marketing plan? If you're looking for marketing ideas to draw in new clients, engage current clients, and generally build your business, take a look at these five insurance agency marketing ideas.

  1. Know Your Clients' Needs
    Your clients have specific worries, concerns, and needs for information. Get to know your clients in multiple ways and collect data about their information needs. You might look at keyword searches that lead them to your site, ask them questions when they call or email, or ask current clients to fill out a survey. This helps you pinpoint specific needs for information or problems to address.

  2. Identify Key Content
    Once you have an understanding of your clients' problems and questions, address them in your website content. Develop web pages, blog posts, webinars, or ebooks that coach your cleints through those questions or problems. For example, if your clients want to know how much life insurance they should hold once they have children, create a blog post that coaches them through this decision-making process and encourage them to call you for more information. Make sure that the amount of content suits your clients' needs. A FAQ on a website can be even more useful than an ebook if that's what your clients need.

  3. Work With Past Visitors
    Do you track the visitors to your site or those who call or walk in the door? If you do, make sure that you collect information about their interests and needs. Invite visitors to your website to sign up for your email newsletter by offering free information in exchange. Once you have email addresses from past visitors, market to them over time with products that suit their needs.

  4. Create a Portal
    When visitors come to your insurance agency website, what do they see? If they don't find what they're looking for, they may disengage and move elsewhere. If you're promoting your work through media or guest blog posts, consider making a landing page specifically for the people who come to you through that post. If you're revising your website, make specific areas for different kinds of clients so that prospective clients can move to their specific area of interest on the site.

  5. Engage on Social Media
    These days, much of our social dialogue is online. Think about the brand that you want to present on social media, and make a plan for bringing your business online. Even if you just start with a Facebook account, you can ask questions, run contests, share photos and stories, and build your brand online.

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