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How to Connect with Insurance Buyers on Facebook

Do you like Facebook? Does it like you? If you’re feeling unloved in the world of social marketing, it’s time to step up and enjoy the dialogue that comes with a successful social marketing campaign. Engage current customers and leads through dialogue and sharing on this social network.


Start a Dialogue

When you’re working in the world of social media, expect to see customers engaging with you on a different level. Before social media, much of the interaction you had with customers likely happened over the phone or in person. Today, you may interact in these ways, over email, through online support and chat, or through less formal social media postings. Bring diversity to your social media posts by asking customers questions about their needs for services or by encouraging them to comment on a photo. Make sure that you task a staff member to post and then check posts for comments so that you can answer questions and concerns, thank customers for their feedback, and moderate when necessary.


Build Your Brand

Whether you’re creating social media posts or adding blog content, you want to continue to build your brand through this new venue. If you can, task a single person to be your social media coordinator and make an agreement about the type of content you will post and the tone of posts and replies. Your consistency helps establish your image in the eyes of current and potential insurance buyers.


Invite Sharing With Exceptional Content

When you’re trying to attract more customers, traditional advertising may help, but inbound marketing is the future. Create excellent content that’s easy to understand, addresses a common problem, and invites sharing, and you’ll bring visitors to your site through searches and through social sharing. If you continue to produce excellent content, you’ll build a reputation with those visitors who will see you as a trusted source of insurance information when it comes time for them to buy.


Hold a Contest

Nothing sparks social sharing more than the opportunity to win. Whether you’re offering a product or asking people to share a story or a photo, sponsoring a contest can help you get introduced to new potential buyers. Remember that you need to abide by your local laws surrounding promotions and that Facebook is not supporting or sponsoring your work. Participants will need to release Facebook from any connection to the contest.


Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be quite simple. Simply place your text and your budget into Facebook, and you’ll reach a new audience. The ads come up for people who are in your demographic and may be researching or commenting about insurance. You can target your advertising to those in a specific event or you can choose parameters based on the location, gender, age, interests, relationship status, workplace and education of your audience.


Change It Up

When you’re engaging with potential insurance buyers on Facebook, remember to keep your strategies evolving. If you post the same sort of information or question every time, your Facebook feed will quickly go to sleep. Keep things lively by mixing up all of the approaches above, and you’ll find that you attract new insurance buyers.

Whether you’re starting out on social media or you’ve been using it for a while, Facebook is the venue where you should begin. It’s easy to advertise and target your audience, initiate discussion, and share with your audience. When you’re looking for support with your insurance networking and marketing, the American Agents Alliance can help. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of membership.

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