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6 Insurance Marketing Ideas for a Shoestring Budget

Managers of new agencies don’t always believe they can afford much of a marketing budget because the agents don’t have a large book of business to get paid on.  However, this is the very time when these new brokerages need to focus on building a list of clients and pipeline of prospects.  When budgets are lean, agents may need to rely upon tactics that are cheap but effective.  Here are 6 insurance marketing ideas for a shoestring budget:


1. Build a Simple Website

In this digital age, agencies need websites.  Domains and website hosting are really inexpensive, and many plans include website builders that you don’t have to be a technical guru to use.  A beginning website should look clean and have the most important information, like an email address and phone number, clearly displayed, but it doesn’t have to be that sophisticated to work.  The work could also be contracted out to a local college student who will be eager to work for less than average in order to build up a portfolio.


2. Establish Social Networking Pages

Since most people have already become familiar with social sites like Facebook and Twitter, somebody in the office probably has the skills to set up social networking pages for the agency.  Be sure to invite the staff’s social circles to like or follow these new pages.


3. Leave Business Cards at Other Businesses

Other small businesses in the neighborhood often have bulletin boards or countertop business card holders, so step out and leave cards when you can.  While you’re on the visit, ask for permission to leave your cards and don’t forget to mention that you can help people find lower prices on their own personal or business insurance.


4. Sponsor Worthy Causes

Many organizations will help promote businesses that donate to their cause.  Bringing breakfast to local teachers or offering to provide a water cooler and paper cups at a local marathon can help draw a lot of good attention.


5. Leave Door Hangers or Windshield Flyers

Door hangers and windshield flyers are an effective and cost-effective method of getting the word out about your new agency.  These are relatively cheap to make, and a local teenager can always be contracted to actually distribute them.  If these flyers or door hangers can promote some free class about an urgent insurance topic, that’s even better.


6. Tell People What Your Agency Does

Sometimes, the old ways are still the best ways.  When agents are speaking to their friends or shopping for groceries, make sure they are trained to introduce themselves and mention how much they enjoy saving people money on quality insurance.


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