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Using Social Media to Connect with Existing Clients & Prospects

Working within the insurance industry means that you must consistently tailor your services to the exact needs of your existing and potential clients.  After all, just because one family purchases auto and home insurance through you doesn’t mean all families will require the same types of policies.  Because of this, you must advertise to consumers that your agency can meet their specific needs, and there’s no better way to do this than through social media.


Staying Relevant

As the years go by, the needs of consumers change, and unless you show them that you’re willing to roll with changes, they will likely take their business elsewhere.  Social media, however, enables you to make postings that prove you’re staying relevant with the latest happenings.  It’s highly advised that you use the content performance tool known as Buzzsumo.  Simply type in a keyword or keyword phrase related to insurance – such as homeowners insurance – and you will be provided with the latest news stories and articles based around that topic.  You can then create your content related to your opinion on the topics and post it to your social media platforms.


Show that You Care

Social media provides the perfect outlets for you to show consumers that you care about their communities.  Any time you take part in a local event, make sure to share a posting about the event and why your agency is choosing to attend.  The more you show you care, the better.  Consumers want to know that you’re actively involved in the community as this helps them rest assured that you’re trustworthy.


Increase Search Rankings

Search engine optimization has most certainly changed over the years thanks to the many updates that Google and other search engines implement; however, one thing always remains true – websites that make regular blog postings tend to enjoy higher search engine rankings.  And as we all know, the higher you rank, the larger your audience becomes, thus leading to a higher number of customers.  Social media provides you with a way to share your blog postings across many platforms, thus expanding your brand awareness even further.


Engage With Existing and Potential Clients

The number one benefit that social media brings to your marketing table is the ability to engage with your clients.  They can comment on your postings and you can then respond back, which further enhances the fact that you care about the individual needs of each client.  It is imperative to make sure that you respond to each comment that is made on your social media postings.  If you leave your clients hanging, they will likely think that you’ll leave them hanging when it comes to filing an insurance claim.


The Takeaway

Using social media to connect with existing clients & prospects has revolutionized the way insurance agencies are able to communicate with the public and advertise to clients.  It’s pertinent to have a staff member experienced in social media marketing handle all tasks related to advertising in this manner, or if you prefer, you can outsource the associated tasks. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and our blog to keep up to date with more insurance marketing tips!  As a national insurance association for independent insurance agents, we’re here to guide you.

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