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6 Ways to Make Your Phone Ring in the Summer

Is your office feeling a little lonely this summer? While summer is a time when many of your employees go on a vacation, it's also a time when many of your customers forget to call as well. Make sure that your business keeps on moving during the summer months, so that you're still able to manage come September.

1. Maintain Your Focus
When it's hot and sunny and beautiful outside, it's easy to get a little slack at work. Staring out the window daydreaming about next week's vacation gets very tempting! Recognize this tendency in yourself and your employees and set summer goals for yourselves. Strive to connect with past customers and follow up leads just as you would in the winter months when the outside doesn't call quite as loudly.

2. Connect in the Shoulder Season
When you're thinking about summer, think June and September. While the end of school and back to school are busy for families, these aren't busy times for everyone. Use June to get ahead on contacting customers who need to renew during the summer months, and use September and late August to remind customers to renew their insurance during the back to school season.

3. Promote Your Business Outside
It's summer, and that means that you and your customers want to get outside. Summer comes with a myriad of different opportunities to connect with your customers. Is there a summer festival or a parade that you could join? Is your business near a park or a beach where you could set up a booth that offers activities for the kids and insurance information for the adults? Think about where your customers are right now, and go to them.

4. Plan for Fun, Light Marketing Strategies
How about a summer lemonade stand? While your business isn't selling lemonade, you can easily play on summer themes to sell your insurance business. Post a Facebook post about your favorite lemonade recipes and encourage your customers to turn to you when life hands them lemons. The insurance business has so many potential marketing angles. Leave the fun, light ones to summer.

5. Get Active With Your Marketing Strategies
Summer is also an active time of the year, when people are outside exploring on bikes, hiking, or enjoying the beach. Incorporate physical activity into your marketing plans. Whether it's a sticker for a bike helmet that offers up medical and life insurance or a beach ball for the kids, encourage your customers to be active and promote your business at the same time.

6. Sponsor an Event
Summer time is event time. What local music festivals happen in your area? How about a picnic in the park to support your local food bank? If you have the means, consider sponsoring a festival or other summer event to get your name in the public eye. Even if you don't have a lot of funds to spend on this sort of promotion, you could consider offering a scholarship to a children's camp or conducting a more minor form of event-based promotion.

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