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5 Tips for Insurance Marketing on Facebook

Social media is now a huge part of everyday life. You may have a Facebook page, but how do you use it for your insurance marketing? Marketing through social media is both very different and quite similar to the other marketing that you do. Use these tips to remove some of the intimidation from social media, and start enjoying your connections with customers through Facebook.

1. Develop Clear Visuals
Who is your company, visually? When people visit your business, what image do they see? Facebook has a place to put your image and a cover photo. While your image might be your logo, consider how you use other visuals on your page. Each visual you choose should send a clear message to your visitors about who you are and what you do.

2. Create a Consistent Brand Voice
You have a brand, and your customers know who you are. Those who find you on Facebook may be existing customers, or they may live around the world and simply enjoy following your posts. When you're on Facebook, the way that you write your posts becomes part of your business brand. You might be friendly and casual, or you could be authoritative. Choose one or two employees who enjoy writing and posting, and determine with them how you'd like to engage with your online readers and develop a brand voice.

3.Put Out Consistent Content
Of course, once you're on Facebook you want to post, or you won't attract anyone to your business. How much posting is too little, and how much is too much? Commit to posting at least three times a week. This means that you won't dominate anyone's Facebook with too many posts, but it means that you'll stay in peoples' minds and have regular opportunities for interaction with your customers.

4.Vary Your Content
If you consider Facebook as a marketing tool, you may want to send out advertising on Facebook. This is logical, but if you do this all of the time you'll probably turn off a segment of your audience. While you can send out sale notices and discount codes, it's important to vary your content. Post information that increases the knowledge of your readers, post questions that ask for comment, and consider posting funny items or community events if these are appropriate. Vary your posts, and you'll engage different customers.

5. Ask for Engagement
Facebook is social media, and given that it's social, you don't need to restrict yourself to sending information out to the world. Ask your customers questions, and ask them to comment on articles you send out. Be prepared to engage them in online conversation and build a connection.

Consider Your Other Customers
Of course, with all of the focus on social media it can be easy to forget that some people aren't on Facebook at all. As you delve more deeply into the world of social media, remember to consider seniors and other adults who may be occasional users of social media. How can you best reach them? Make sure that this relationship continues as you focus on building your social media presence.

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