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Administrative Professionals’ Day

Any successful company knows it wouldn’t be where they are without the support of its administrative team.  With Administrative Professionals’ Day coming up tomorrow, here are a few tips for showing how much you appreciate your treasured staff.


Reward them with lunch for a week

Who doesn’t love free food? One of the easiest and simplest ways to shower your administrative support team is by bringing in breakfast treats and coffee or by taking them out to lunch for the week. It’s a great way to connect and say thanks over breakfast or lunch!


Recognize each individual

Each administrative staff member deserves recognition.  Although some workers are better than others, showing everyone that they matter will help enhance employee morale, which results in a less-drama-filled work space.  By individually recognizing the strength of each employee you highlight their most important assets to you and the company. They’ll feel good about the individualized recognition in front of you and their peers.


Vacation trip giveaways

At the end of each year, you should tally up the productivity of each administrative worker—accounts handled, overtime, etc.  For the worker who performed the best, a vacation will serve as an excellent reward.  Being that vacations can be costly, it’s imperative to assess whether or not it’s worth giving them away, meaning your workers should be providing exceptional work in order to account for the expense of giving away the vacations.


Give away vacation days

For every individual who exceeds your expectations on a consistent basis, you should consider adding one to two paid vacation days to their schedule.  This shows that you truly appreciate the hard work that they put forth and that you are willing to reward them for their high levels of productivity.  This leads to employee loyalty, which is crucial for building a successful company.


The Takeaway

There’s one thing that never changes from one successful company to another—the administrative staff is the glue that holds it all together.

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