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Are You on the Right Social Media Platforms?

It’s not enough to be on social media. You need to be on the right social media platforms so that you can reach your insurance marketing goals. Are you choosing the right places to post? What you choose depends on how your business works and what it needs.


Why Are You Posting? 

Before you start posting, think about why you’re posting online. Some of the common reasons businesses post online are:

  • To build credibility with an audience
  • To gather information from their customers
  • To connect informally in conversation with customers and leads
  • To build B2B connections
  • To give customers a “behind the scenes” look at the way you run your business or engage with your community
  • To increase conversions on their website


Who Do You Want to Reach? 

Another factor to consider is the question of who you want to reach. When you’re considering your social media reach, think about who you want to reach before you start signing up for different social media accounts. Different social media platforms appeal to different demographics. For example:

  • LinkedIn is popular with those in higher income brackets and those who want B2B connections.
  • Snapchat started as a platform that was popular with Millennials, but its audience is diversifying.
  • According to Business Insider, “US Facebook users aged 45-54 are spending more time on Facebook, and represent 21% of the total time spent on the platform, more than any other age group.”
  • According to The Atlantic, “42 percent of Instagram’s 108 million unique visitors (are) male, while 58 percent (are) female.”
  • On Pinterest, the vast majority of users are female.
  • Twitter is often used by existing customers for social media-based customer service.

What are the demographics of your current customers? Create customer personas and pinpoint who uses what social platforms. You need to go to the place where your audience is, or if you want to build your audience in a specific demographic, you could go to the place where those leads converge.


What Are You Posting? 

Of course, the other element of your social media strategy focuses on where you are able to post. If you’re exceptional at sharing information and linking to specific graphics or articles, you might be most proficient at Twitter. If you like to share behind the scenes views of some of your agency’s work, and you take exceptional videos, you could create Instagram shots or short videos on Snapchat. If you find that your audience is primarily focused on one specific platform, then you can also build your own capacity to use that platform so that you’re speaking in the social media language that your leads understand and use.

If you’re looking for a single platform, businesses commonly use Facebook to post diverse content, including photos and video. However, there are many niche platforms that can complement your presence on Facebook. When you’re planning your insurance marketing, be sure to consider all potential social media platforms.

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