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Creating a Website With Instant Appeal

Does your website elicit a wow from your visitors? When you're selling insurance, you want to make a good first impression. You need a functional website that draws in insurance leads. These best practices will help you develop a website that sends a strong message to your audience about your brand.

1. Plan Your Color Scheme

You're full of insurance marketing ideas, and you want to make a website that stuns with its inviting array of colorful offers. However, too many clashing colors make your site look like a runaway handful of children's party balloons. Visitors may not be aware of why they're confused, but clashing colors that bounce off each other make a poor first impression as visitors try to navigate through the visuals to get to the content of your site. Instead, create a simple color scheme that speaks to your brand. Your website can echo the colors in your logo and the themes of your agency. Use your colors wisely to reinforce the written messages and layout of your site.

2. Let Your Layout Move Visitors Along

When visitors come to your website, they want to be guided through your site with an invisible hand. That invisible hand is your website layout. Make sure that your layout focuses on what's most important. Think about the actions that you'd like your visitors to take, and move their attention toward these sections of the site. Create unique landing pages for different visitors so that you can customize the layout of those pages to that specific audience.

3. Organize Your Content

Well-organized and well-written content helps visitors to your site understand what your agency is about and what you can offer. Your site must have depth, but avoid putting it all on the first page. Use the home page or landing page to send visitors a single strong message rather than giving them the full details about your insurance offerings and agency history. Direct them to other pages to learn more about your agency and the specifics of your offerings. Make sure that you test your content before you publish your website so that you can ensure that the writing speaks clearly to your site's visitors.

4. Make it Functional

How do your website visitors move from one place to another? How do they sign up for your email list or get a quote for insurance? As your visitors move through your site guided by the layout and the content, you need to make sure that all of the connections within your site make sense and work well. It's frustrating to seek additional information about a product, only to find that you're redirected to a different product page. Check your site regularly for errors so that the website visitors experience will be consistently smooth.

5. Have a Simple, Actionable Message

Overall, you want your website to have a simple, actionable message. All of the wonderful insurance agency marketing ideas in the world cannot replace a website that has a simple, strong message. Do you want your visitors to sign up for your email list for more information? Target your layout, content, and even your color scheme to focus visitors' attention on this part of your site.

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