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Customer Service Details That Matter to Insurance Clients

Details matter. They especially matter in this era of overwhelming data and digital connections. If your insurance agency can find ways to make sure that your clients know that they matter to you as individuals, then you’ll be ahead in your insurance marketing.

According to SuperOffice, 68 percent of clients who leave do so because they feel that you don’t care if they do. One of your key insurance jobs is to let your clients know that you are indeed interested in them. You want to know about them so that you can help them find the best insurance products for their family. Here are some of the details that matter when it comes to customer retention and cultivating new insurance leads.


Understand Your Customers’ Pain Points 

What are your clients’ struggles, and how can your business help them with those struggles? Understanding your clients’ pain points will help your agency grow as you reflect your understanding of your clients’ needs and address those needs specifically in your marketing materials and as you talk to clients.

For instance, is your prospect someone who values a lower-cost product? Have material that shows low-cost options, or emphasize how your product can help them save money or safeguard their home most efficiently.


Provide Customized Value 

When it comes to insurance education, what better role for you than to provide your clients with abundant assistance? Not only do they see you addressing their particular pain points in marketing material or through phone calls or emails, you also proactively provide educational pieces that specifically address their interest in a certain topic.

If they’re excited about finding a better auto insurance plan, you’re right there beside them online, providing information that helps them make that choice. You can also tailor information to their specific demographics and needs. For instance, through emails you can reach out to different segments of your audience with different information, showing your clients that you understand what they need right now.


Honor Your Clients 

Your clients choose to spend their money on your insurance, not someone else’s. Take time to honor that choice so that your clients feel valued. For example, you could send your clients a handwritten thank you letter on their anniversary with your agency, or you could send them an annual thank you card, discount code, or other perk. Simply knowing that you know them by name is meaningful and powerful.


Focus on Completeness 

According to Help Scout, “when it comes to highly rated customer service, data show that quality and completeness matter more than speed.” Ask your clients how well you are meeting their needs, and regularly review your customer service processes so that you can meet clients’ needs more thoroughly.

Clients don’t want to feel that you’re rushing them to a solution. If you can give them the feeling that you have the time and focus to first understand and then meet their needs, they feel more valued.

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