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Developing Online Resources For Your Insurance Clients

As an insurance provider, how can you be the go-to resource for your clients and for those who are seeking insurance information? While some clients will always want to talk in person or on the phone, you can also use your website as a place to store and promote your insurance resources. What kinds of online resources should you have on your insurance website?

FAQs Touch the Surface

Having an FAQ section on your website is good insurance marketing. It helps your existing and new clients find the information that they need in short form, without having to go through a great deal of information to find it. While FAQs may not be in-depth, sometimes the short answer is all your clients want.

Chatbots Learn More Over Time

If you’d like to go beyond the FAQ, adding a chatbot to your website can help your clients find what they need. A chatbot asks your client questions and provides that person with targeted information. It can also refer clients or leads to a human if the questions are beyond the chatbot’s capacity.


Blogs Go In-Depth

Blog posts can help your clients learn more and explore a topic in more detail. They also generate new content with valuable keywords for your website on a consistent basis, helping your website become more interesting to search engines. Furthermore, blog posts can position you as an authority on a topic. For instance, if someone wants to have a more thorough examination of auto insurance for new drivers, then they may turn to your post on the topic to help them make a decision.


Video Content is Accessible

While video content is an investment, it’s one that is often very worthwhile.  It can be part of your website, or you can add it to social media platforms as well. According to Opt In Monster , “66% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product.” By having diverse content that includes video, you reach those people. Just keep it short: most people have a maximum attention span of a minute when it comes to business videos.

An ebook is a way to consolidate information for your clients. 
An ebook is a way to consolidate information for your clients. 

E-Books Add Value

If you’re a topic expert, adding a written resource to your website can act as a part of your digital marketing plan. Many businesses offer free content in return for a sign up to their newsletter.  These ebooks can collate your current content on a particular topic and add unique content for even more value. While you might think that your content is already available in blog format, according to Lucidpress, “for busy readers who don’t want to scroll through your entire blog or website, a smartly presented ebook can save time by offering valuable information in an easily digestible format.”

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