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Create Festive Content Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

During the holidays, it may be hard to focus on work; especially between all the shopping, cooking and holiday parties. However, it is important to keep your head in the game and continue to work hard throughout the month – most importantly on your overall SEO strategy. Your work ethic does not have to suffer, especially your Internet Marketing initiatives. If your company is on board with blogging, you can use the holiday season to your advantage! There are so many great blog posts to be written about holiday safety, decorating, and festive fun.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Christmas tree safety. For those who celebrate Christmas, it is important that homeowners are aware of tree safety. From selecting a tree to caring for it to disposing of it; this knowledge is important.

  2. Tips to decorate your home. Many Americans are interested in holiday decorating ideas, for a cheap price. Writing a blog about interior decorating and safety is a great way to lure in a whole new crowd to your posts.

  3. Safe holiday travels. Many people decide to travel around the holidays, whether a college student is heading home or a family is going to see relatives. Your posts can provide safety tips about traveling, from driving safety to preparing your home for your absence.

  4. Fire safety. Between the fireplace, holiday candles and menorahs, it is safe to say that this time of year is full of flames. Blogging about fire safety and tips is a great way to inform your reader of potential hazards and the importance of home insurance. We used the insurance tie-in to help our agency reach out to our clients and prospects; reminding them that it is crucial to look into the best homeowners insurance available.

  5. Safe winter driving tips. The roads are filled with traffic and the roads are icy; never a good combination! Provide insightful tips about driving precautions- a great way to incorporate auto insurance.

  6. Tips to avoid home burglary. The months of November and December have the highest rates of home burglaries and break-ins. However, there are always ways to avoid such a horrible event. Give your readers tips to avoid this; you could be saving someone a lot of aggravation and grief!

  7. Avoid drinking and driving. Most holiday parties are filled with laughs and alcohol, whether family or work-related. It is easy to have one too many when you are having such a great time. However, that does not make it okay to drive! Blogging about drinking safety and driving is a great way to spread awareness.

  8. Tips to heat your home. To survive the cold winter ahead, heating techniques are always great! With just a little research, you can offer great ways to save money while keeping toasty all season long. Honestly, there are hundreds of blogging topics for the holidays and the winter season. When you blog, it is important to fill your posts with insurance knowledge and relevant tips, while still being creative at the same time – and do not forget always create content that is keyword-rich! The key is to create original content that will engage your readers; a shareable post will go far and truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

About the Author:: John LaVelle is the Owner and President of Focus Insurance. LaVelle, has specialized as a multi-line agent since 1995, offering: home, life, health, auto and business policies. He founded Focus Insurance in 1999. Since its establishment, the agency has grown tremendously, branding itself as a leading insurance resource – representing over 20 insurance companies and handling business in 40 different states.

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