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Do You Have What It Takes to Motivate Your Employees

As a business owner, you wear multiple hats. You are in charge of hiring the right employees, being the voice of the company, choosing the business insurance, leading your employees to success…it may seem like the responsibilities never end! However, all of these hats must be worn and worn with pride. One of your most important responsibilities? Being a powerful motivator. If you do not come into the office with a positive attitude, how do you expect your employees to do so?

It is crucial that you are able to motivate your employees; it is the key to individual performance, happiness, productivity and ultimate success. Need some help? We have come up with 10 ways to motivate your employees today!

  1. Set clear and achievable goals. As a leader, you must be able to define a clear and precise goal to achieve. If not, you will leave your employees feeling confused and frustrated. If your goal is not realistic, employees may give up sooner than later.
  2. Recognize and praise a job well done. Individual recognition is a great way to show your employee that you truly appreciate THEIR work. Even a simple pat on the back will mean a lot to a worker.
  3. Hold an “Employee of the Month” contest. Holding a contest is a great motivator. Every month, choose another employee to present an award to. Go all out…have a plaque made up and everything!
  4. Learn to have fun. Yes, business is serious but that does not mean you should suck the fun out of everything. If you can bring humor and fun to your office while STILL getting work done efficiently and effectively, the office atmosphere will benefit.
  5. Show TEAM SPIRIT. Pep rallies should not only be a high school event. Every once in a while, amp up your employees with a motivational speech or meeting! Letting your employees know that you are all in this together will keep them from feeling too much pressure.
  6. Keep your door open. As much as you actively speak to your employees, you should actively listen. When you are not on a call or with a client, keep your office door open. This way, your employees will never hesitate to come and speak with you.
  7. Offer better benefits. Of course, money is a huge motivator, but how about benefits? The perks that your company offers will play a huge role in your employees’ performance. If your employees feel appreciated and well compensated for their time and effort, they are more likely to work to their fullest potential. Whether you are on the East Coast seeking a commercial policy or the West Coast, with comprehensive California business insurance, employers have the opportunity to look into an appealing group benefits policy; from health coverage to a flexible spending account.
  8. Reward big accomplishments. Accomplishments should never go unnoticed. For every big win, buy lunch for the office. Any sort of reward will show your staff that you recognize their work.
  9. Do not forget to say “thank you”. It is as simple as that. A verbal or written “thank you” will go a long way.
  10. Hold annual performance reviews. Holding performance reviews at least once a year is sure to keep your employees from slacking. If your employees know that they will be up for a potential raise or new job title, they are sure to continue their hard work. Give them something to strive for!

So, are you ready to get out there and motivate your employees? It is not as hard as it may seem. Every great business owner has it inside of them to be a powerful motivator; your business depends on it!


About the Author:

Daniel W. Post, CIC, is the President of Post Insurance Services and is responsible for all facets of the business from sales, service, marketing, administration and the company’s strategic direction. Although he leads the agency, Post continues to act as a field agent, growing his book of business – specifically in the construction, manufacturing and technology sectors.

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