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Economic Impact Report

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Agents and insurance company employees often ask why the industry doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. With the advent of social media, it is no longer necessary to rely solely on the news media to tell our story. We can do it ourselves. Insurance trade associations have gathered publicly available data that documents the insurance industry’s impact on California’s economy, including the jobs provided by insurers, premium taxes paid and how the industry finances California’s infrastructure by investing in municipal bonds. The information is presented in the form of infographics, which clearly explain the important role insurers play in the state’s economy.

Here’s what you can do to help disseminate this information:

  • Please visit the California Insurance Companies Facebook page and remember to “Like” it here.
  • Download the infographics and post them on your Facebook page, tweet them to your followers, use them in public presentations, and share them with customers, elected officials, reporters and opinion leaders in your communities.
  • Infographics that break down data by specific legislative districts are available for legislative leaders and members of the Senate and Assembly insurance committees. You can find these at The public should understand that insurance agents don’t simply collect CA’s premium dollars and send them to Wall Street. Insurers, agents and employees play a key role in the state’s economy and are invested in their communities in many ways.

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