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Holding a Video Q&A Session

Your customers have questions. Sometimes they ask those questions in person. Sometimes they ask them on the phone. Other times, they might email, text, or engage with you on social media. What happens when they want more?  How can a Q&A video session enhance your insurance marketing strategies and desire to provide exceptional customer service? Get ready to provide in-depth answers to your customers.


What Is a Video Q&A Session? 

A video Q&A session looks different depending on the type of video you decide to create. Your insurance business might decide to develop a video that acts as an FAQ, asking and answering common insurance questions. You can also hold a live video Q&A and encourage customers to ask you questions in real-time.


Choose a Niche 

What should you focus on for your video Q&A session? Think about where your competencies meet your customers’ questions. What do you know, and what do your customers ask about? What’s your most productive niche? This should guide your Q&A session. Be sure that your choice of video topic speaks to the core of your brand rather than distracting from it.


Choose Your Insurance Marketing Techniques 

Your niche and your customer base are connected, of course. Depending on what customers you want to reach, you’ll not only choose a different topic, you’ll also choose a specific time slot for a live Q&A and a specific platform to host it. You’ll promote it in different ways as well. For instance,

  • If you want to promote a live Q&A about getting your first tenant insurance, you might focus this on a Millennial audience and promote it via text and Snapchat.
  • If you’re trying to reach a customer base that’s interested in insurance for luxury automobiles, you might find that your demographic is older and that you should focus on your media promotions on Facebook.


Find a Platform 

When you’re holding a video Q&A session, one of your key questions revolves around the platform that you choose. You can either choose a platform that’s within an existing social media platform such as Facebook or Youtube Live Streaming, or you can choose a video-specific platform such as IBM Cloud Broadcasting.

You’ll also need to look at the functionality you desire.

  • Would you like to have your customers send in questions online as you broadcast?
  • Would you like to embed your video into a specific social media site, such as LinkedIn?
  • How many people do you plan to reach at one time?
  • Is your focus on live streaming or on a quality video that you can use later?


Preparing for Your Q&A 

If you’re holding a live Q&A session, you need to make a sound impression, and that means that you must be prepared. Go through the frequently asked questions in your field and in your niche and rehearse your answers. However, you don’t need to sound rehearsed when you answer. If you’re not 100 percent certain of an answer, try answering the question to the best of your ability, and make sure that you have references on hand or follow up with an answer later. You can also work with others on your Q&A so that your team can support you.


Increasing the Value 

According to Insivia, “55% of people watch videos online every day.”

It’s simple to watch a video. It is an attractive medium. If you hold a live Q&A session, you can increase the value of this session by keeping the video and using it on your website, or by editing it and using snippets from time to time. You can embed the video in inbound marketing content to increase the number of people who watch it.

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