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Essential Leadership Skills for Agents and Brokers

Independent agents and brokers must balance selling and service insurance policies with running an agency. This calls for excellent leadership skills along with advanced technical acumen in the insurance industry. Read on to review how essential leadership skills can help take your agency to the next level.


Essential Leadership Skills for Independent Agents and Brokers

Independent agents and brokers wear many hats as they balance the roles of business owners and insurance advisors. In addition to staying in compliance and knowing current insurance policy details, they also must run a successful business managing marketing, accounting, and reporting functions.

Brushing up on these essential leadership skills can help:



Being curious is a good start when it comes to embracing leadership skills that will help when running an agency. Leaders have many ideas and those who are most successful are the ones who can turn ideas into products or services. Curiosity is an enabler along the way as leaders explore and research their ideas. Being curious means always considering new ways of doing business and innovative ideas for running an agency. A curious leader will never run out of things to try.



A successful leader is resilient. They know they will fail many times, and the key to learning from failure is resilience. Being adaptable when things go wrong by being able to shift gears and try something different is an important leadership skill. Resilient leaders accept mistakes, learn from them, and encourage their teams to take risks even if they may fail — knowing the team will rebound and learn important lessons.



Challenges arise in any business and leaders must be adept at problem-solving. The same is true in the insurance industry. Agents and brokers may face coverage issues or renewal challenges along with the problems that arise when running an agency. Being able to switch quickly from one type of challenge to another is important for agents and brokers who may be managing both technical insurance questions and general business problems at the same time.


Change Management

The pace of change has never been greater. Innovations within the insurance industry seem to happen daily and new technologies are changing workflows and traditional processes. Adapting to change and leading others through it has become a critical leadership skill. This includes communicating transparently, talking openly about change, and helping others see the benefits of the change. Change management skills are essential leadership skills every agent and broker needs to develop.


How to Gain Essential Leadership Skills

There are several ways to gain essential leadership skills, even as an agent or broker with limited time. Try self-study online courses that allow you to progress at your own pace. There are free or low-cost leadership courses available online from many different sources so you can find the right blend of information you need. Talk with others in your network about how they gained leadership skills. Sometimes finding a mentor is a helpful way to fill the gaps in your abilities. Finally, consider attending a conference to help you learn and meet people you can network with as you build your leadership skills.


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