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E&O Insurance for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers

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Here at the American Agents Alliance, we understand that you offer top-notch insurance to your clients, and we want to make sure that you have top-notch E&O insurance, too. E&O insurance can be confusing and complex, especially since there are so many different types, and each type can come in several different packages. For insurance agents, you want to make sure that you are completely covered for liability. Everyone makes mistakes, and though we’re sure you have it under control, making sure that you’re protected just in case something happens is a smart move.


What We Offer

We’ve made it simple to get a quote and get signed up, and you can do it all online. Our E&O insurance program offers you broad coverage and several policy limit options and is rated A (excellent) by A.M. Best. Here are the coverage options and services we offer:

  • A-rated & admitted
  • No charge for support staff
  • First dollar defense; the deductible applies to damages only
  • Defense costs outside limit of liability
  • Limits of up to $3 million on each claim, $5 million aggregate for each agency
  • Coverage is available for agents with less than 3 years of experience
  • Limited EPLI coverage is available
  • A deductible reduction endorsement is available after participating in the program for 3 years

Quickly Enroll Online

We take great pride in the ease of use of our E&O program and count it as one of our most unique and defining features. Most agencies can receive an instant quote and enroll online with no underwriting. They can even include their annual membership dues as part of the program’s installment plan. We like making things easy for you, and we want to make sure that getting the high-quality E&O insurance coverage you deserve is as easy as possible. We’re confident that we can make it simple and quick, and we are confident in the protection our insurance agency E&O insurance program provides. If you have more questions, feel free to review the E&O insurance program for P&C insurance agents right here or call us at (866) 497-9222 Ext 15.

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