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Working with a Professional Association Can Help You Nurture Leads

What support do you have in the process of developing and nurturing your leads? Working with an insurance agent association can help you create better connections with your leads. Here’s how a professional association can assist you as you develop strategies for connecting with new clients.


Lead Nurturing

Once a client expresses interest in your business, you need to nurture that client in order to make sure that person commits to your agency. It’s not enough just to attract people to your agency. You need to consciously nurture those relationships. According to Business to Community, “companies that stop at lead generation lose 80% of the leads whereas companies that have a lead nurturing strategy spend 33% less while generating 50% more sales.”

Would you like to find support in your efforts to nurture your leads? By working with an insurance agent association, you can get support from partners who are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. For instance, working with a lead nurturing provider who can provide you with live calls, you can receive sales training, coaching, and support both taking calls and following up with leads.


Account Management Tools 

When you work with an insurance agent association, you’ll be able to access tools to help you better manage client interactions. For instance, at American Agents Alliance, you’ll have access to tools that help you understand your account history and profitability, so that you can determine what accounts are profitable and why. This helps you better plan for the future, so that you can be a more focused and profitable agency that serves your clients well. You’ll also be able to better achieve your business goals and understand the value of retaining specific clients with goal setting and value retention tools.


Continuing Education 

Your insurance agents aren’t just product specialists – they also need to be able to nurture leads as they answer people’s questions about your products. According to Panda Doc, “by articulating the problem that your service or product solves, and creating personalized messaging for them, or use easy-to-send email templates, you’ll be focused on selling the benefits of your product or service, and not just the features.” However, this means that your employees not only need to understand insurance: they also need to understand sales.

Finding your own continuing education programs can be time-consuming, and you’re never sure if they’re actually relevant to the insurance field. When you work with an insurance agent association, you know that the education that your employees receive is specific to their field. At annual conferences and through ongoing access to training online, your employees can stay up to date on the best ways to market and to serve your clients. For instance, you can attend the annual Alliance Convention to learn more about software and marketing strategies that help you better connect with your clients.

At American Agents Alliance, we want to make sure that you forge an ongoing positive connection with your insurance clients. At our insurance agent association, we foster continuing education and programs that help you with your insurance marketing.  Contact us today to discover our many membership benefits.

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