Expand Your Client Base By Attending These Local Events

Almost everyone has to have insurance –whether it’s homeowners, auto, health, etc.  As an insurance agent, it’s important to note that most people take the time to research the insurance agency they purchase policies through.  This is one of the primary reasons you must prove you are trustworthy and invested in the well-being of your policyholders. One way to show your trustworthiness is by getting to know your community. You can expand your client base by attending these events in your local area.


County Fairs

County fairs have been going on for hundreds of years.  And while entertainment and thrill rides are often provided on these occasions, they also bring forth ample opportunity to network.  By setting up a booth at your local county fair, you can get to know your neighbors a bit better.  And when your neighbors trust you, they’ll ask how you can save them on insurance.  Plus, having a booth at a county fair is a great way to introduce your presence to locals who didn’t know about your insurance agency.


Charity Events

For causes that you care about, attend as many charity events as you can.  When you let the public see that you have beliefs in certain causes, they’ll be able to relate with you more.  You might even find that you are able to attract an entire town of customers who believe in the same causes.  Some of the more notable types of charities to attend include those relating to:

  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer
  • Children’s health
  • Family well-being
  • Community works
  • Education

Online Events

From webinars to Facebook messaging, there are many ways to show you care about your community via the Internet.  You should make postings about the events and causes that you support as well as any promotions that you are offering to new customers.  And don’t forget loyalty programs for clients who have been with you for many years.  It’s also wise to use the online world to come into contact with other insurance agencies.  As a whole, all insurance agencies have the weight of the world on their shoulders—they provide relief when emergencies strike.  By staying in contact with one another, insurance agents can work together to bring about benefits to the whole world.


Local Sports Games

When was the last time you sponsored a local sports team?  It is imperative that you understand how important local advertising is, and one of the best ways to do this is by getting involved with local sports.  Do you have a young daughter who plays softball?  If so, sponsor her softball team.  You’ll not only be supporting your daughter, but you’ll also enjoy a tax deduction for sponsoring her team.  When you show that you care about your family, other families will want to enjoy the same insurance protection that you have.


Chamber of Commerce Events

Want to prove you care for the community and town that you live in?  Attend a few Chamber of Commerce events.  Before you know it, you’ll have yourself introduced with more than a few politicians and city officials who can show you the ropes of selling insurance in your community.


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