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Help Your Policyholders Engage With Digital Customer Portals

Every insurer has a digital presence now — and many offer robust customer experiences through customer portals. While some portals have limited capabilities, many others allow policyholders and their agents to engage in various ways with the insurer.

As an agent, you can play an important role in helping your policyholders interact with their insurers by helping them with self-service options. Find out more about customer portals and ways to engage with them in this blog.


Customer Portals Deepen Relationships and Anticipate Needs

Customers expect to manage many aspects of their lives digitally, from paying bills to ordering groceries. Self-servicing their insurance policy is no different. And insurers are keeping up with this expectation by designing digital customer portals where policyholders can manage their insurance coverage.

A good customer portal helps strengthen relationships between policyholders, insurers, and agents through positive interactions and proactive communications. When customer portals are done well, they can personalize the relationship and anticipate the consumer’s needs.

Some of the self-service actions many insurance customer portals offer for policyholders include:

  • Making a payment.
  • Filing a claim.
  • Changing deductibles or adding endorsements.
  • Updating demographic information.
  • Printing ID cards.
  • Getting a quote for additional coverage.
  • Asking questions via chatbots.


Recent research has shown that customers who use multiple self-service channels to navigate their insurance coverage have higher retention rates. Those customers who often utilize self-service channels have 25% higher retention rates, showing the importance of a customer portal.


Customer Portals and The Role of the Agent

Independent agents and brokers help integrate digital portals with their policyholders, playing an important role in promoting the use and acceptance of the portal among consumers. While large insurers often do not have the time, nor the personal relationship, to work directly with individual policyholders, agents can fill this gap. Customers like self-service portals because they often want to solve their issues, but research shows they do not mind switching channels for additional help.

Here are some ways in which agents and brokers can help their policyholders with insurer customer portals:


Facilitate the transition between the legacy paper world and the new digital one.

Agents can help their policyholders set up their accounts, link their policies, and add contact information. Policyholders may need help adding a recovery email or setting up multi-factor authentication to meet the insurer’s security requirements. Agents can offer an in-person appointment to walk through the portal alongside their policyholder, answering questions and offering tips.


Educate policyholders on ways to utilize the customer portal.

Agents can spend time with their policyholders showing them the various functions within the portal they may need. Showing them how to pay their premium or access their ID cards, for example, adds value and may be a good first step when educating consumers about their insurers’ portal. The portal is only valuable if consumers understand how to use it, so spending time on education is an important step.


Utilize the customer portal for cross-selling opportunities.

Customer portals are especially useful when considering how to fill the gaps in your policyholder’s coverage. When all of their policies and endorsements are listed in one place, it is easier to identify gaps in limits or coverage. Some customer portals may suggest cross-sell or upsell opportunities based on the data collected about the policyholder. This information is helpful for both consumers and agents as they work together to ensure coverage remains adequate as the consumer’s needs change over time.


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