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How Can You Make Insurance Marketing Experiential during COVID-19?

With more people at home, how can you reach out to your clients with experiential marketing?

In 2020, marketing has changed. Experiences have changed. In fact, the ways in which your clients are interacting with your business may be very different than they were just a few months ago. During this time, how can you make insurance marketing experiential?


What is Experiential Marketing? 

According to Creative Guerilla Marketing, experiential marketing “tries to immerse the consumers within the product by engaging as many other human senses as possible.” People have the opportunity to feel the power of the brand by living it. Think of experiential marketing as a brand taste test. Through an immersive experience, your clients have the chance to experience what you’re all about.


The Current Reality of Experiential Marketing 

In the current reality, many of these in-person, sensory-based experiences are not possible. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to completely forgo experiential marketing. You can still give your clients a sense of your insurance agency without working with them in person.

Community Participation
Consider how to involve community participation in experiential marketing and how to align with your values.


Experiential Marketing for Insurance Agencies During COVID-19 

How can you give your clients an experience of your agency without having them present in person?

  • Collect videos of the work that you’ve done in the community, whether it is insurance-related or not, and allow your clients an inside view of this work. Encourage people in the community to send in videos as well.
  • Create a home and garden safety challenge. With more people at home, now is the time to give safety tips and have people participate in finding problems and implementing solutions.
  • Create content that entertains and builds community connections. For example, you could run a campaign in which you curate photos of “safety fails” gathered from your staff or participating community members, and you could provide content that addresses ways to be safer at home.
  • Develop an experiential campaign that’s connected to your agency’s values, not just to insurance. For instance, if your agency has a strong reputation for its charitable work donating to local kids’ sports teams, you and those sports teams can collaborate on photo or video content showing how you are staying active and healthy at home.


The Customer Service Experience 

During the COVID-19 crisis, one of the most important experiential marketing steps that you can take is to have your insurance clients feel how your insurance agency connects with your clients. You’re not crafting an extra experience; they are simply experiencing how you engage with them on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, you can ask your insurance agency staff to reach out to clients who are renewing, adding more of a personal check-in to the wording in an email or a phone call to those clients.

You can give your staff extra training on how to work with clients who may feel especially stressed during this time. Perhaps they have lost employment or they are experiencing an insurance-related difficulty at the same time as a pandemic. Taking a calm, concise, and empathetic approach to client communication during this time helps your clients see your agency as a trusted leader and an excellent communicator.

In times of difficulty, who you are as a brand can shine through your everyday actions, creating a customer service experience that is just as powerful as any other experiential marketing that your business could create.

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