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How is LinkedIn Useful for Those Who Already Have Jobs?

When it comes to job hunting, most professionals know that the place to go for making new connections is LinkedIn. The professional networking site has an estimated 300 million members, however, and not all of them are actively looking for a job. LinkedIn offers numerous benefits for professionals in all industries regardless of their current employment status. Here are just a few of the benefits that come from using the platform for professionals and their insurance agencies.


Increased Brand Recognition

LinkedIn is where professionals go to learn about industry news, research companies, and look up new acquaintances or professional connections. A well-developed LinkedIn company page along with employees who actively use the site can be an enormous asset to brand recognition.


Preparing for Meetings

Walking into a meeting with a new potential business partner or client can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. Using LinkedIn can offer those heading into the meeting the chance to become acquainted with the new connection before they even shake hands. Having a few commonalities, such as schools, connections, or certifications handy can be great conversation starters.


Spreading the Business

LinkedIn is the perfect place to meet professional colleagues and build a network of others in the insurance industry. These types of relationships can be excellent sources of information to stay up to date on the latest in the business, learn new techniques and tools, exchange ideas, and even make referrals. A smart agency realizes that they cannot be everything to everyone and that sometimes it can be more beneficial in the long run to refer a potential client to another organization rather than provide subpar service. A strong networking relationship with many others in the industry means that referrals will be going back and forth between all agencies, giving everyone the chance they need to grow.


Expanding the Potential Customer Pool

Before social media and the internet as a whole, businesses were largely limited in in the types of customers they could find. Many operated mostly within their local population. LinkedIn can be a fantastic tool for breaking those boundaries and finding new clients across the country and even around the world. Connect with people, start conversations, work to provide them with value, and see just where the professional relationship can go. LinkedIn is a fabulous tool that makes it easy for agency professionals to expand their networks and grow their businesses.

By recognizing the value beyond job hunting, everyone should be more motivated to leverage the site for as many benefits as possible.

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