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The Hidden Benefits of Insurance Marketing

What is the benefit of insurance marketing? Does it simply drive business to your agency, or is there something more? Marketing is about much more than the immediate return on investment. It's an investment in your agency's future because it helps your agency build its reputation online. 

Marketing Builds Your Reputation 

Marketing isn't just about selling insurance right now. It's also about building your reputation in the community. For instance, if you sponsor a high school sports team, within the next few years, those teens will be finding cars, renting homes, and then moving on to need other insurance products as they become adults. Marketing helps solidify your reputation in their minds, helping them see you as a reliable agency where they can get their insurance.

Marketing Is Education

You want to have an audience who is choosing your company and your products for the right reasons, an audience that knows something about insurance as well. As an agency, your marketing can play a role in educating your clients. According to Moving Targets, "in order to buy into a product, your audience needs to have a solid understanding of what it does and how it works."  Marketing helps you do your part to create a more educated client base.

Marketing Helps You Build Your Audience 

If you started out as an insurance agency with a relatively specific audience, you need to grow your potential client base to grow your business. This might mean moving into new areas of insurance over time or brainstorming how to reach out to new demographics. For instance, while you may have originally seen your business as a provider of auto insurance, you could begin to see yourself as a provider of insurance to seniors, to new drivers, and to parents. Getting to know the diversity of your various audiences is a great help to your agency, as it will allow you to avoid putting all of your focus on a single type of client. 

Marketing Is a Conversation 

Marketing is a conversation between you and your audience. As such, it can be informative for both parties. According to Forbes, "marketers have to create personalized messages to attract and retain customers — and that requires data." The marketing conversation allows you to gather information about what your customers love and what your customers dislike about your agency. If you view marketing as a conversation, it offers you constant opportunities to learn and to improve. 

Marketing Builds Referrals 

As you market, make sure that you encourage people not just to act to purchase your insurance products but to tell others about your business. Online marketing is not just about advertising; it's also about soliciting reviews on sites like Yelp that allow peers to share their comments with each other. By encouraging referrals, you build the future of your insurance agency.

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