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How to Achieve Social Media Marketing Success for Your Insurance Agency

Social media moves quickly, and if you don’t have an active presence on social networks you can feel like you’re behind the times. But with the countless options available, getting started can be overwhelming. How can you cut through the overwhelm and develop a social media strategy that works for your business? Here are some tips for building a strong social media foundation for your insurance agency.


Be Strategic

Spend some time getting to know the different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Consider how they work, which audiences you are interested in targeting, and how these networks apply to your agency. Look at other similar businesses and the number of followers on specific sites. Which ones work best for them? It’s better to commit to one or two social networks than it is to try and be everywhere, so do your research, choose where you’d like to begin and build from there.


Develop Your Infrastructure

Before you create a profile, spend some time reflecting on your agency and what you want your online presence to look like. What pictures will you associate with your online brand? What kind of content will you feature, and what is your social media voice? Think about how you want to portray your agency online, and designate one or more employees to be your social media coordinators.


Create a Profile

While every social media site differs in terms of what you need to feature on your profile, there is some overlap. For all sites, you’ll need a photo that shows who you are or one that stands for your business. Try to use a photo that involves people rather than objects. Choose an image that’s professional but friendly. Develop a file of header photos for sites like Facebook, so that you have a larger cover photo when you need it. Write a summary of your business for the About section, striving to be interesting and professional.


Try Out the Network

Before you start connecting with others, get to know the features of the social network. Make sure that you know how to change your information, edit or delete a post, reply to comments and private messages, and follow others. This will make life easier when you become more active, and it will make you look professional.


Add to Your Network

Once you have your social media profile up and running, you can begin to develop your network. Add social media buttons to your homepage and blog, and make an announcement about your new online presence to your email contacts. Seek out others in your field, relevant organizations, and individuals and follow their social media accounts as well.


Post Content

Develop your content strategy before you begin to post. What will you post, and how often? Who is in charge? Make sure that you plan to post diverse content, including helpful information from your blog as well as posts from others. Your social media content should be relevant for your clients and diverse to keep things interesting.


Interact With Others

Make sure that you’re a connector, not just an organization that sends out information. Comment on others’ posts, profiles, and photos, and reply to their comments about yours. This helps you build a stronger online network.

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