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Insurance Agency Principals: Connect on Social Media

Do you feel like you have peers in the insurance world you can connect with regularly? Being the leader of any business can be a challenging and lonely job. You’re working on so many different issues, from managing employee hiring and training to working on insurance marketing. If you’re an insurance agency principal, where can you go to get guidance or feedback on issues related to the management of your insurance agency?

Why Connect on Social Media?  

Social media has become a primary place for professionals to connect, and it’s especially important when you don’t have others in your area with whom you can talk on a regular basis. Once, you might have met with professionals in your community, meeting up for breakfast or lunch to network together. Today, schedules are unpredictable and people are distributed geographically, able to network more widely than they might have in the past.

What are some of the benefits of connecting with other professionals on Facebook or other social media platforms?

  • You can be a resource person to others. One core principle of networking is helping each other. Whether you’re new to the insurance business or you’ve been in the business for many years, you likely have ideas and answers for others’ questions. Becoming a trusted resource person helps you help others and build up credibility as an industry professional.
  • You can also ask your questions in a private environment. Facebook’s private groups allow you to admit only those who meet the qualifications of the group. If you have a question about where to go with your business or how to manage specific marketing issues or client policies, a Facebook group can be a place to gather the wisdom of other career professionals.
  • You can learn from and post content that’s relevant to your profession. While your family members on Facebook may not be interested in the latest insurance trends, those professionals in your insurance group certainly are, and they can benefit from what you share, just as you benefit from the information that they share.
  • Make connections that may lead to future employment or help you find new people to hire. Watching peoples’ posts can give you a sense of them as individuals.
  • Investigate possibilities for business expansion and collaboration by learning more about other agencies.
  • Develop a stronger insurance community. As Inc mentions, “leadership and loneliness go hand-in-hand. As the person in charge, it’s inevitable that you’ll be treated with a different regard than when you were a regular member of the team.” When you’re a leader, you need a group of peers, and you may be able to find them online.

The American Agents Alliance Facebook Group 

Joining a Facebook group can help you connect with other insurance agency principals in an online environment. At American Agents Alliance, we have created a closed group to help you share with other professionals. Learn about others’ experiences, develop your own knowledge, and provide feedback to your insurance colleagues.

If you’re expanding your insurance network this year, connect with American Agents Alliance. Become a member and participate in our Facebook group to connect with other insurance agency professionals. Contact us today.

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