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Celebrate Insurance Careers Month With the American Agents Alliance

Celebrate insurance careers month 2023 in February with these ideas from the American Agents Alliance! New independent insurance agents, brokers, and those considering joining the industry can expect a rewarding and lifelong career experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry is expanding, and insurance sales agent jobs will grow at a rate of 6% between 2021 and 2031. With steady growth, retention, and continued demand for insurance products, insurance agents and brokers can expect long-term success in their insurance careers.

Read on to learn more about how to make the most of insurance careers month this year with our resources and tips.

Many Reasons to Join the Insurance Industry

Consider the many positive reasons to join the risk and insurance industry: 

  • Help others. Insurance professionals jump in after natural disasters and accidents to help communities and individuals rebuild. 
  • Provide a valuable resource to society. Insurance allows people to take risks, start businesses, own property, and be resilient. 
  • Have career stability and growth potential. Insurance professionals enjoy stability and growth in the field. 
  • Almost limitless career possibilities. Insurance requires professionals with various skill sets and backgrounds and allows for movement into new roles. 
  • Continuous learning and education. Because the insurance industry is dynamic and highly regulated, insurance professionals must constantly be learning and focused on trends and updates in the industry. 

Insurance Careers Month Raises Awareness of Industry Careers

Spend some time this month learning and spreading awareness about insurance careers:

Engage with resources on social media.

Search social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn for insurance career month resources. Follow the hashtags #InsuranceCareersMonth and #ICM2023 to stay on top of the conversations. And engage often — join discussions, add resources, post articles, and share relevant links with your network. Starting a conversation helps raise awareness of the opportunities for careers in insurance.

Talk with your network.

When you meet with policyholders, colleagues, and new clients this month, talk about insurance careers month. Make sure your network knows about the opportunities for recent college graduates, veterans, and people making a career switch to insurance. People sometimes don’t realize all the different ways to work in insurance.

Spread awareness of the various career paths available in the insurance industry.

While being an insurance agent or broker is a great choice in career, some people are better suited for roles in IT, marketing, product development, or government relations. All of these roles, and many more, are available in the insurance industry. Discuss the various opportunities and share resources like scholarships available to risk and insurance students.

Attend an industry event or conference.

Engage with others in the industry by attending an event or conference. Students and people new to the industry often attend these events, which means you can network and talk with them about career opportunities. If you are hiring new agents, this is one way to find top talent. And even when you are not hiring, talking with people about career pathing can help demonstrate the breadth of experiences in the insurance world.

Share your own insurance story.

Telling your own story is powerful. Talk about why you chose a career in insurance, how it has helped you, and what drives you to stay in the industry. As a successful insurance agent, you have tips and inspiration to share. Talking about why insurance is your chosen career, especially during insurance careers month, may motivate someone else to join the industry.

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