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New Insurance Agents Face Common Challenges – Our Exclusive Lead Generation Programs Provide Solutions

As a new insurance agent starting out in the industry, you might be wondering what some common challenges are that you may face while growing your business. Insurance is an exciting and diverse field, and it is always changing, so while there are some often-faced challenges for new agents to overcome there is also plenty of opportunity and new ways of doing business.

Technology has changed the way business is done in many industries, including insurance and risk management. Customers are interested in a digital experience, but insurance is a product that has traditionally been sold face-to-face. Innovations have changed the distribution system and every step of the insurance life cycle, from policy inception through claims resolution.

Even with technological improvements, there are still some common challenges faced by new agents. Read on to learn more about these common challenges and ways to mitigate them.

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New Insurance Agents Face Common Challenges

There are common challenges and risks faced by most new insurance agents as they start out in the field.


The Challenge:

The pressure to produce. Probably the most obvious challenge new agents face when starting out is the pressure to produce. You have metrics and quotas to meet, and everyone needs to eat, but it can be difficult when you just start out to produce sales.

The Solution:

Lead generation programs target your niche. You can focus on interested customers in your niche, driving greater results from your targeted efforts. Some niches are more profitable than others, and this can depend on many factors. Do your research when deciding on your niche, then purchase leads from a lead generation program in your niche.


The Challenge:

Learning to manage your time efficiently. As a new insurance agent, you will find many priorities are competing daily for your time. You need to balance running your business with the demands of producing sales, servicing your customers, and looking for new leads. Finding ways to manage your time to accomplish these tasks is critical to your success as a new agent.

The Solution:

Use lead generation programs smartly. Use the right tools to manage your time more effectively. Lead generation programs can help with finding qualified leads, calendar programs can manage your schedule efficiently, and social media management tools can lead to a more organized social media schedule.


The Challenge:

Negative perceptions of the industry. Sometimes people have a negative impression of the insurance industry because of their past experiences or things they have heard on the news. Insurance isn’t well understood by many laypeople and it can be expensive, so it has sometimes earned its unpopular public perception. This means you may need to overcome some negative stereotypes about insurance sales when you first start out as an agent.

The Solution:

Spend more time on qualified leads. Establishing yourself as an expert in the field and growing your knowledge can help dispel negative perceptions of the insurance industry. You can also focus more of your time and efforts on qualified leads, who are likely more receptive to insurance and already understand its place in the world.


The Challenge:

Finding qualified leads can be time-consuming. As a new agent, you need to grow your business. Insurance is a relationship business and you’ll often have repeat clients, but you’ll need to find qualified leads first to build your future business. Between the demands of running your business and servicing clients, finding qualified leads can be challenging for insurance agents.

The Solution:

Our exclusive lead generation program can save you time. We’ve done the research and partnered with the best lead generation and lead nurturing programs out there so you can spend your time selling to qualified leads instead of looking for them.


Our Exclusive Lead Generation Program Can Solve These Common Challenges

One way to help solve these common challenges is by joining our exclusive lead generation program. The American Agents Alliance has been a member-driven organization since 1962, empowering independent insurance agents and brokers to thrive through advocacy, education, and networking.

We’ve researched lead generation and nurturing programs and have partnered with the best in the business to give you exclusive access. We offer lead generation packages for various property and casualty lines of business, including commercial, auto, home, life, health, and mortgage protection. Whatever your niche is, we can help with a lead generation package!

Whether you’re struggling to find time to prospect, worried about producing, or having a hard time finding appropriate and qualified leads in your niche, our lead generation program can help.


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